Rheumatoid Arthritis Strategy Correction Clinics

What is it?

A 2-hour Rheumatoid Arthritis strategy correction clinic with current status analysis that helps newly diagnosed and long-term arthritis patients improve their pain-reduction approach based on the latest scientific evidence. Live discussion and feedback means you get to focus on specific aspects of your scenario going forward. All clinics are run by Clint Paddison who has tremendous personal experience with inflammation reversal, and experience with transforming the lives of many people with inflammatory arthritis.

Who is this for?

RA patients wanting to become happier, more mobile, and experience less joint symptoms. Suitable for adults 18 years and up.

What you'll lean and cover during the clinic

The fundamentals of Rheumatoid Arthritis reversal
so you have a clear understanding of how your body works and exactly what is slowing you down and how to improve

Comprehensive analysis of your current status
from multiple categories considering all aspects of your current treatment including medications. You’ll be sent all of the notes from the clinic to review over whenever you like.

The ideal diet for minimal inflammation
and the key aspects of this diet to help you maintain it, thrive on it, and get maximise results.

Were most RA sufferers get stuck
and our step-by-step progression to help you significantly improve the most important part of the healing process

How to implement your new plan into daily life
even if you’re working on this mostly by yourself.

Price: $200

(includes a copy of your before status and your new plan)

How many spots are available for each clinic?

Each clinic is capped at a maximum of six participants

What you'll need

To submit a short questionnaire about your current status before the clinic

Upcoming Clinics

(includes a copy of your before status and your new plan)

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