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Does Any Of This
Sound Familiar?

  • You have tried changing your diet and it didn't help (or actually made you worse or caused unwanted weight loss)
  • You are frustrated with your current situation
  • You feel like you've tried everything
  • Your Rheumatologist tells you that medications are essential for life with no exceptions
  • You are overwhelmed with conflicting information online about the best approach with diet, supplements, exercise and more
  • You have tried to reduce your medications, only to be frustrated that it was unsuccessful
  • You are still waking up with unacceptable morning stiffness

If so, then you already know how hard it can be to figure out all of the answers yourself...

I've Been Through RA Hell And Back

My name is Clint Paddison. I know how hard it is to battle Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was diagnosed in 2006, and it was years of nightmare-ish agony affecting my feet, ankles, knee, elbows, wrists, knuckles, fingers, chest and jaw. I couldn't breath without pain. I couldn't eat without pain. The endless pain, the worsening joints, the drug side effects, the surgeries. The worry about what the future will be like. The inability of other people to really understand how bad it is. The very dark thoughts about life and if the future was going to be brighter, and the horrible stuggles with the drug side effects.

I've tried countless things to get rid of the joint pain. 

Some worked, most didn't, but I've kept up the dedication and have have 3 adorable, healthy kids by being able to be medicine-free for over 8 consecutive years.

I've helped over 11,000 people with inflammatory arthritis understand the root cause of their disease more deeply, and many of those people have implemented science-supported strategies to tremendously improve their condition and live happier lives. Now, you can learn what has worked for me and others and begin your new journey towards wellness also.

Rheumatoid Solutions

I started assisting other people with Rheumatoid Arthritis to change their whole approach to the disease and was blown away at the awesome results (and how much I loved helping them).

First, I built The Paddison Program to give people step-by-step videos and templates to reduce inflammation. This grew into a worldwide movement, with over 11,000 users of the Program in 60+ countries and phenomenal success stories (many shared on the Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast!).  

Now, I have partnered with health professionals around the world to create Rheumatoid Solutions - it is all the greatness of the Paddison Program PLUS live trainings, regular Rheumatologist meetings, specialist coaches and step-by-step improvement templates.

All work together to help you become healthier with less inflammation.

And, we're growing every day and well on our way to becoming the worlds leading community and program for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Your Own Rheumatology Team

Join us for game-changing LIVE webinars from world class leaders guaranteed to provide powerful insights. All webinars are recorded and stored inside the library just in case you’re unable to make it LIVE. Watch at your convenience via the website or mobile apps.

Your Netflix-Like RA Library

Access all of the eBooks, Video eCourse Libraries, Tutorial Worksheets, Digital Resources & Access to Rheumatoid Solutions Products. Members can also share and view members-submitted lessons, transcripts, resources, and more!

Your Ongoing Education

New content is added to the library regularly. Have a craving for a particular topic of interest? We will take your request and work on the new content and notify you when this training is made available.

Joint Health Restoration!

Detailed instructions for elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles, feet, fingers and hands to get more mobility, less swelling and less pain

How To Regain Your Strength

How do you put muscle back on your body and get more physically strong month to month? How do you do it even if you are at home and without a gym? 

How To Achieve More

How can you live a better life regardless of a serious illness. How can you contribute more and get more done without setting your health back

Medication Mastery!

How to transition from the counterproductive medications like prednisone, NSAID's, Antibiotics, Antacids to set yourself up for healing success

How To Perfect Your Eating

Get the ideal diet for YOU, so that you can get rid of persistent food sensitivities that lead to joint pain, and make this year the best one yet. 

You Will Learn From Some Of The Best RA Experts Available


Creator of Rheumatoid Solutions And the paddison program

Dr. George Munoz

Holistic Rheumatologist

Dr. Nisha Manek

Holistic Rheumatologist


World-Renowned Physician

A holistic approach for osteoarthritis - Dr. Gemma Newman


Covid-19 Expert


Functional Movement Coach

Rebuild Your Health From The Inside Out And Watch Your External Symptoms Dissipate

Join Rheumatoid Solutions today and you'll learn:

  • The pain reduction strategies that have helped 1000's of others.
  • What is the "complete confidence and control" model?
  • How to build momentum in your healing.
  • Why some drugs set you backwards.
  • What you should do EVERY day to minimise inflammation.
  • How get the most out of your Rheumatologist meetings.
  • Why most diets don't work (and why diet is never enough).
  • How a combination approach with whole foods and exercise is always the go-to.
  • Which supplements have value and which may do more harm than good
  • Promotional partner secrets.
  • Creating lifelong habits of maximum health.

As someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, you’ve already go enough on your plate. So when it comes to finding the right information for your health, it’s often extremely difficult to find the time. Not to mention, that when you do, so much of the information you receive actually makes you worse so your time and your health suffers.

Even worse, sometimes you'll only get to see your Rheumatologist a few times a year for 15 minutes and that's your only source of information on your life-altering disease.
It’s just plain wrong…..

So what if you could get all of the knowledge and latest information about how to minimise RA at your fingertips? What if you didn't have to travel anywhere to learn, and you could access the on-demand training anywhere, at any time and on any device?

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