Want Some Help Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Join hundreds of others who have less join pain, lower CRP, better mobility and better strength inside this unique RA coaching platform

Struggling On Your Own Is No Fun...

You might be putting up with problems like this:

  • Joint pain that won't go away
  • Medications that are causing side effects
  • Inability to be physically active
  • Emotional distress and worry
  • Deteriorating joints
  • Poor sleep due to pain and anxiety
  • Uncertainty about what to do next
  • Feeling like you've tried everything on your own

Don't Worry!
Whatever your challenge, some of our members have overcome it and will show you how.

"I'm pain free, drug-free and off triple-drug therapy"

"Off prednisone and Methotrexate, my Rheumatologist is thrilled"

"Rheumatologist said she no longer needs to see me"

"Reversed the inflammation in both of my knees"

"I can now pick up my grandchildren and my Methotrexate has been reduced"

"Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms are completely gone"

Everything You Need To Heal

Follow The Paddison Program With Help, Guidance And Support From Others

All the dietary guidelines to heal your gut and reduce inflammation with the team around you to keep you on track and troubleshoot.

Connect with people who are on a healing path like you

Meet the best in the world at reversing RA symptoms. This team are now your friends, cheerleaders and guides as you improve your life day by day. 

Follow workout plans suitable for all ability levels

Downloadable workout guides to build strength, increase range of motion and reduce inflammation in the shoulders, ankles, fingers, elbows. Build strength with band workouts and beginner-level full-body routines that are suitable for RA

Join Live Q&A Sessions With A Rheumatologists Every Month

Get all of your pressing questions answered about your RA status each month with the best integrative Rheumatologists, right from the comfort of your home (no masks required!)

Access The Entire Live Call Library - Every Session At Your Fingertips

Learn from the best Rheumatologists Dr. Nisha Manek, Dr. George Munoz and Dr. Micah Yu who have covered reduce pain, manage medication side effects, and improve joint range of motion.

Get 1-1 Help From Clint Paddison

Keep your momentum and keep on top of your RA symptoms with training from Clint Paddison each month. Ask questions, get instant answers.

Enjoy The Immense Video Library To Solve All RA Problems.

Answers at your fingertips on medications, diet, supplements, stress reduction and exercise for Rheumatoid Arthritis. You won't need Google again! These videos have been created by Rheumatologists, MD's and Clint Paddison so you can skip the regular noise and confusion online and get straight to the truth.

Learn Advanced RA Reversal Topics With The Rheumatoid Solutions Summit All-Access Pass 

You'll receive more than 15 hours of video interviews (mp4 format), audio interviews (mp3 format), and transcripts (PDF format) with some of the world's experts in inflammation reversal, including Micah Yu, Rheumatologist, Nisha Manek, Rheumatologist, Michael Klaper, MD, Paul Goldberg, MD, David Tener, MD,  Laurie Marbas, MD, Chris Miller, MD, Brooke Goldner, MD, Melissa Mondala, MD, and MANY more!

We Can't Wait To Help You!

Join today and get help immediately.

We Will Help You Reduce Inflammation.

Even If Nothing Else Has Worked For You In The Past

  • This coaching platform was developed by Clint Paddison - This system was created by someone who had severe and debilitating possible RA for years and tried every possible solution, just like you. It's not a doctor making claims about something they have never suffered from themselves. In fact, we have several Doctors who have RA themselves who are now following this Program!
  • This coaching has worked phenomenally well for thousands of others - With over 4,000 current or past members spanning 7 years, this coaching is tried and tested with many graduates appearing on the Rheumatoid Solutions podcast. Results are undeniably impressive, consistent and sustainable when adhering to the principles that you will learn about as soon as you begin. 
  • This coaching platform provides a 360degree solution - This isn't just a dietary plan, it's a lifestyle approach  - this is the 'how to' approach to manage every single aspect of your disease so that you get a tremendous outcome like nothing you've ever experienced before. Diet alone will not cure your RA!
  • This coaching is a permanent approach - Unlike other approaches, results will not fail you over time. This approach is designed to set you up for the rest of your life to have better health and less pain.
  • This coaching presents is a practical solution - Easy to follow, easy foods to source, easy troubleshooting guides and easy to access - everything you need to implement into your life without complication.
  • This coaching is founded on scientific research - Everything that you will learn can be supported from the medical literature. If you want the science, you'll be able to see it no problem.
  • This system is a easy to follow - Written in a way you can understand, yet with all the scientific evidence so you know you're getting the real information. Step by step, with daily videos for the first 12 days and other key components. You will enjoy a single one-stop-shop for healing your inflammatory arthritis.
  • The support is real and forthcoming - You will have Clint Paddison, Rheumatologists, RA library and a new family of RA warriors in your pocket to help you within seconds when you need it!

Get Support And Begin To Get Better

  • Step-by-step dietary guidelines with daily videos
  • Rheumatoid Support Forum with 7 days/week guidance and support
  • Your own personal online journal to ask questions and receive feedback
  • Live Group Q&A Calls With The Rheumatologist every month
  • Live Group training and Calls With Clint Paddison every month
  • Recordings of all past calls
  • RA Video library of over 560 Rheumatoid Solutions unavailable anywhere else
  • Physical therapy guides for home
  • Pain relief Troubleshooting Guide
  • RA Recipe Book
  • How To Eat Out At Restaurants Guide
  • Guide For Your Rheumatologists
  • How To Sleep To Avoid Pain Guide
  • Digital Access to 17 RA Summit Interviews in Video (mp4) and Audio (mp3) and Transcript (PDF Format)
  • Cancel at any time
  • Price In USD
  • BUT MOST OFALL.... continual help so that you regain confidence and control with your health.

We will help you. 

Meet Your Coaching Team

Clint Paddison

RA Strategy

"I'm dedicated to helping you improve, regardless of how long you've had RA or how many setbacks you've had. I've helped thousands of people reduce their level of symptoms."

Dr. Micah Yu


Dr. Micah Yu specializes in Rheumatology and Integrative Medicine. He treats his patients with autoimmune disease and arthritis from a holistic perspective

Dr. Nisha Manek


Dr. Nisha Manek is a rheumatologist and pioneer in integrative medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. She is an alumnus of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Carl Reader

Physical Therapy

"Each person with RA requires a unique approach to their physical therapy. I will help you find the path forward to build strength and alleviate pain"

Melissa Paddison

Sound Healing

"Join me for relaxing sound therapy sessions, which are an acoustic journey of vibration and frequency to balance the body's energy systems and bring it back to a state of alignment. It helps to assist the body in returning to it's natural energy flow, reduce stress, and enter states of optimal healing."

Katy Hoogen

Yoga For RA

"I host yoga classes regularly for members and I can't wait for you to join me! I can show you how to work with your body to improve even if you've never done yoga before. Yoga and Clint's program have transformed my life"

Elissa Lowenstern

Mindset Coach

"Auto immune conditions are often emotionally tough to navigate. A healthy mindset (that doesn't trip you up) and tools to address difficult emotions is key. I have had RA for over 50 years. Along with Clint's diet, and exercise, my mindset has played an important role in my health.."

Ellen Mark

Forum Admin

"I've been a part of Clint's support forum for 6 years and in this time I no longer need prednisone and I am on less Methotrexate. I will help you and encourage you inside this incredible healing hub of friends, coaches and materials."

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