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Clint Paddison's Presentation On RA Reversal

In This TEDx Presentation Will Learn

  • How Clint Paddison reversed RA symptoms
  • How the gut is connected to RA
  • What foods cause inflammation
  • Which drugs make RA worse
  • The #1 food to reduce inflammation
  • How others have reversed RA symptoms

Make Simple Changes Today To Have Less Pain Tomorrow

Your lifestyle has an enormous impact on your disease activity

Poor Gut Health Drives Rheumatoid Arthritis

Your gut health is directly linked to inflammation levels via the microbiome and 'leaky gut'. If you improve your microbiome (the collection of tiny microorganisms in your large intestine) then you will reduce inflammation and improve energy levels. If you repair your gut lining, you will dramatically lower symptoms. 

Low Antioxidant Reserves In Human Cells Leads To Disease States

Chronic autoimmune actitivity creates free radicals in an ongoing basis. Consequently, our bodies struggle to offset the free radical load with our dietary intake of antioxidants and our own internal (cellular) antioxidant enzymes. When we address our dietary and internal antioxidant systems we can scavange the free radicals coming from the Rheumatoid Arthritis which dramatically slows joint damage and reduces inflammation

Inactivity Perpetuates Pain And Inflammation

Joints are made to move. They are dependent on the movement process to remain healthy. By being inactive we allow the disease process to accelerate and spread, and often medications cannot fully control the symptoms.

Weakness And Muscle Atrophy Is Driven By Inflammation

Inflammation causes muscle atrophy. By remaining in a state of active RA it is very difficult to gain muscle mass and rebuild strength to do even simple daily tasks. 

Discover How To Do What You Love Without The Pain

Rheumatoid Solutions Members Are Reaching All-Time Levels Of Health

Clint New Pull Ups PB

Clint Paddison could not even support his body weight from a bar with too much finger and elbow pain. Now he can do 10 pull ups

Melissa Ran 8km

After thinking she would never run again, Melissa ran 8km and she is now off prednisone and NSAID drugs

Lara Swam 3km

Lara used to have symptoms of RA even when taking weekly biologic injections. Now she is pain free with biologic injections 3 months apart and just swam 3km in a triathlon

Danny Is Rock Climbing

Danny is off all medications and back doing what he loves - rock climbing. In the past his hands and feet were too painful. Not any more.

Rheumatoid Solutions Is Endorsed By Rheumatologists And MD's

Rheumatologist And Doctors Speak About Rheumatoid Solutions

"This program has helped many RA patients to get into remission"

Rheumatologist Dr. Micah Yu

"When you are following the Paddison Program with the right medication, we are now talking about tapering the drugs and coming off them. This has never happened in the past"

Rheumatologist Dr. Nisha Manek

"Clint you're like a celebrity in my world. I have your Program and I love following all the work that you do"

 Dr. Christine Miller

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Follow The Paddison Program With Help, Guidance And Support From Others

All the dietary guidelines to heal your gut and reduce inflammation with the team around you to keep you on track and troubleshoot.

Follow the workout plans suitable for your ability level

Downloadable workout guides to build strength, increase range of motion and reduce inflammation in the shoulders, ankles, fingers, elbows. Build strength with band workouts and beginner-level full-body routines that are suitable for RA

Join Live Q&A Sessions With A Rheumatologists Every Month

Get all of your pressing questions answered about your RA status each month with the best integrative Rheumatologists, right from the comfort of your home (no masks required!)

Access The Entire Live Call Library - Every Session At Your Fingertips

Learn from the best Rheumatologists Dr. Nisha Manek, Dr. George Munoz and Dr. Micah Yu who have covered reduce pain, manage medication side effects, and improve joint range of motion.

Enjoy The Immense Video Library To Solve All RA Problems.

Answers at your fingertips on medications, diet, supplements, stress reduction and exercise for Rheumatoid Arthritis. You won't need Google again! These videos have been created by Rheumatologists, MD's and Clint Paddison so you can skip the regular noise and confusion online and get straight to the truth.

Learn Advanced RA Reversal Topics With The Rheumatoid Solutions Summit All-Access Pass 

You'll receive more than 15 hours of video interviews (mp4 format), audio interviews (mp3 format), and transcripts (PDF format) with some of the world's experts in inflammation reversal, including Micah Yu, Rheumatologist, Nisha Manek, Rheumatologist, Michael Klaper, MD, Paul Goldberg, MD, David Tener, MD,  Laurie Marbas, MD, Chris Miller, MD, Brooke Goldner, MD, Melissa Mondala, MD, and MANY more!

These People Have Turned Their Life Around With Their Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here Are Just Some Of The Success Stories We Receive Regularly

"I'm pain free, drug-free and off triple-drug therapy"

"Off prednisone and Methotrexate, my Rheumatologist is thrilled"

"Rheumatologist said she no longer needs to see me"

"Reversed the inflammation in both of my knees"

"I can now pick up my grandchildren and my Methotrexate has been reduced"

"Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms are completely gone"

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