Rheumatoid Arthritis medications – an overview of the types of drugs used and their side effects and impact on gut health.

What we cover in this presentation:

00:00:28 – Questions to answer

00:01:08 – Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs – Their Potential Impact On Your Gut Healing & Healing Strategy

00:02:50 – The Gut Solution Part 2

00:03:40 – Recap from the last presentation

00:05:55 – What to expect in this presentation

00:07:32 – Drugs used in rheumatology

00:09:43 – Short-term medications

00:11:08 – Antibiotics

00:19:10 – NSAIDs

00:25:14 – Antacids

00:27:17 – Steroid’s

00:37:14 – Long-term medications

00:40:29 – Can you reverse symptom’s without drugs

00:42:12 – The Gut Friendly Medication Model

00:44:21 – What about risk of infection?

00:45:59 – Tapering long-term medication

00:47:19 – To thrive with RA

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  1. I love your presentations, Clint, and this is a fascinating topic.

    Would you be able to keep providing the transcripts?

    I'm a reader — I remember information much better if I read it than if I just hear it, and can also take better notes!

    Thank you for all the great info you provide. Ever since buying your e-book quite a few years ago, I have been a grateful fan — the information has been keeping me relatively pain-free1

    Thanks, Clint!

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