April 8

A Deep Dive Into Bikram Yoga with B-Fire

We discuss in this podcast:

  • How B-Fire went on to open the largest Bikram Yoga studio in Canada
  • The benefits he has witnessed with students of any age and condition in 20 years of experience
  • The connection between physical and mental health
  • The Bikram sequence and its effectiveness
  • Standing deep breathing
  • The importance of consistency in exercise
  • The recent debate over the Netflix documentary
  • Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga

Clint Well, today’s guest is a long-term Bikram yoga teacher, and he has caught my attention on Instagram over the past several months because one of our fabulous community members, Katie, who’s been on our podcast several times, was following him. And I noticed his posts because she was sharing them inside rheumatoid support. And I thought, wow, this guy’s doing some fantastic stuff. Not only has he embraced this lifestyle so well himself over the past 20 years, but he has also taken upon the challenge of helping people outside of the studio who have very serious physical situations to deal with. And I thought, why not hear some stories from him directly about people that he’s helped, transformations that he’s seen, and just inspire a soul that with physical disabilities, it doesn’t mean that we can’t continually improve on our physical state. So B-Fire, thank you for joining me today.

B-Fire Thank you, sir. I appreciate it, Clint. The invitation was, was all mine actually, I really feel grateful for being invited. It’s nothing better than sharing the magic of what I’ve learned, and of course what you’ve experienced. And now we can talk about some of the stories and maybe bring something to light, maybe will inspire somebody else to come. I mean, the best thing we can do is to inspire people to help themselves the best way they can.

Clint Most definitely. So before we get into some examples, give us a brief background on your own journey, how you got into this? And where you’re at right now?

B-Fire OK. So I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada, I was a musician, I had a music studio. My singer came out after class and said, hey, you know, my girlfriend, just open up this yoga studio, why don’t we go? I was Like, Yoga, what’s that? And this was 1999 twenty years ago, a little over 20 years ago. And so he says, oh, we’ll just go down, it’s really hot. It’s like now it’s like kicking your own ass. I was like, OK. He sure like I was, you know, trying anything. And I had a history of physical background. I had opened a gym with my parents and so I had some, I know what it was all about. So went down to the class, came in a class, sat down the bench, light bulb came on and said, yeah, I’ll be doing that for the rest of my life. It was just it just hit me like I could feel the health and the wealth of it. And I was like, OK. And then I didn’t know I was gonna be a teacher or anything like three months later, we’re taking classes. The studio is getting packed up. And my friend looks at and goes, we have become yoga teachers, there’s no teachers here. And I was like, what? So it took about a week for my girlfriend, actually convinced me at the time to go to the training, which was in L.A. And six months later, I was down in L.A. and I took the training, came back and literally like divided, I went from music to yoga. And I ended up opening up the largest studio, Bikram yoga studio in Canada in Vancouver. I owned it for eleven years. I had over 500,000 people go to the studio. It was phenomenal, and I will be training 350 people a day through the studio, I had 2 (inaudible) grams. It was a phenomenon. It was crazy. The yoga boom happened, business came in. You know, big dogs, big money came and big entrepreneur places opened up. And so obviously, the model of yoga shifted a little bit. I saw that five years ago I’ve been on the road, I’ve been literally doing laps around the planet. So I’ve been teaching for 20 years, And my pleasure my passion is that I have this fire in me that when I go into the class, I can be compassionate, I can be exciting, and I can get the fire started for people to encourage to help themselves the best way they can. I’ve done a lot of different kinds of yoga and I have just found that this works the best. And, you know, like everybody’s gonna have their own thing. And then, you know, within my 20 years, I just had so many people come in like either in wheelchairs, with canes that walk their whole life. And three months later, we have their cane on the wall. So when you start to get this starting to happen, then you start to go, OK, I think this really works. Like not only personally, but I could see it working for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Stress is a big thing, somebody’s got a broken knee, he’s got a big thing, somebody’s got an ailment, a disease that’s gone on for years is a big thing. So this class is about magic. And I just feel very encouraged, encouraged people to come to try their best. They might not be able to do it all, It doesn’t matter. But the greatest thing is whatever they can do in the class, when they come out, they finish, they feel great. And what is this life all about? I mean, feeling great mentally, you start to feel so much better. Physically is feel so much better spiritually, you feel much more connected to yourself. So it’s a win win win. And that’s my I guess my life endeavor now is to keep encouraging people to travel and get people to do yoga. Bikram yoga specifically because it’s beginners and it just works for everybody. I have just found myself. So there is my history and I’m grateful that just continued to do it. I’m in San Diego now for the next month, and I’m happy to be at the largest school in America. And, you know, it’s exciting to be in here when you get over 100 people in the room and the fire is on. But, you know, it still really comes down to this is that, you know. You know, and I can see the 18-year-old cheerleader that’s just doing all the postures perfectly. And to me, that’s not my excitement. My excitement is when I see somebody coming in with a lot of ailments and maybe 50 plus. And I’m like, oh, my God. Like, for me, this is everything because we’re all trying to find something that helps ourselves anything. And I truly believe this is it. But when I see somebody come in, I’m going to put all of my attention, all my energy, and whether it’s after class, before class or during class, it’s like I’m just so excited for them. And then I want to try to help them, the best way they can to go to the next steps.

Clint We’re on the same page there because that’s what caught my attention on your Instagram channel. I saw images of people that you were helping. And I said, that is the kind of struggle that so many of people with rheumatoid arthritis and similar inflammatory arthritis conditions have. That’s the level that we’re talking about. We can’t relate, Does he said to the cheerleader 18-year-old, we can’t relate to that, but we can relate to not being able to touch your bum to our heels ever in certain seated postures. We can relate to having the struggle of trying to balance on one leg and so forth. So this is why I want to talk to you. So if you share some examples, give some case studies of people that you’ve worked with or, you know, I just loved hearing about someone’s cane going up on the wall. I want to inspire our audience who are listening to this or watching this now who are thinking, yeah, but like, I’m not bendy enough. I’m not I’m not, I’m too old or too sick, whatever. I can’t show up into a class, I’m on a cane, I’m in a wheelchair Like you said, let’s shift the paradigm and say, this is it. As long as you can get in the class, you can do it. So can you give some examples if you don’t mind?

B-Fire We just go way back to my friend that had a cane. The ailments she had I don’t remember because people come in now. I almost don’t hear. It’s like I have and they have a list and I’m like, God bless you, and you’re here, and let’s begin. And I’m like, well, I can’t. Let’s just try something. Let’s do something, you know? So she came in and she was like fifty for the time. She had a cane for forty years of her life. And people just coming in and trying to do their best. So the encouragement for people, I know there’s a lot of things that you can do. But getting to a studio or a small yoga studio usually has a big heart snd we want to try to help. Me personally, I’m like my arms extended to everybody. But that’s the first thing you want to try to do is get to a studio and say, listen, I have some situations. Can I do it? Somebody is going to say, yes. Let me help you and how we can do it? So I have a student right now from San Jose she’s seventy-eight and she has Parkinson’s disease. And she used to come with her son and her family used to go to class. And she used to sit in the wheelchair outside the glass window and watch. And if you’re familiar with the class, we start with a breathing exercise. So she sits in the chair and I was working at the desk and I could see her trying to do something. And I came over and I said, hi, would you like to do yoga? And she couldn’t speak very well. And so I just grabbed the wheelchair and I rolled it into the room. And everyone was like, oh my God. I’m like, why does someone need to feel outside that class? And when we need to accept everybody and I certainly do. And I encouraged studio owners and teachers to do it. I mean like I said cool, 18-year-old cheerleaders, and they’re doing it. But for me, my focus is on health and wellness, and for people that are in a chair right now, maybe they don’t know where to go. And the fact that they can show up, they can get some benefits and they can start to feel better. And then the demonstration with Katie, like she’s just grown so much as a human being. And I mean, that’s a testimony and all. And there’s a thousand of them.

B-Fire So now I go and I spend time, she’s not able to get to the studio any more because of certain circumstances, I go and I visit. And we just do an hour of yoga, which is still the same sequence because she’s too familiar with it. And when I come out, the nurses, they’re like, did you give her some drugs? And I’m like, no I gave her some yoga. What kind of yogurt? I’m like, it’s just yoga. And it starts with breathing and it gets your lungs going. And then we get the spine moving as best as you can. You know, she’s in a chair. And so, like, you know, just moving a little bit, and just moving a little bit, it’s moving and just getting the spine moving. Getting the body moving. And, you know, Bikram spent a lot of time with the sequence and a lot of time working out the details of how this can help everybody. So I’m an advocate and I am going to continue to push this as much as I can because the system works. I mean, I’ve just been doing it for way too long, a little over seven or fifty thousand students I’ve seen in my classrooms or all over the world. And, you know, it’s just person after person after person. So anybody that’s out there listening. Thanks. I don’t think I can. Please pick up the phone call, go down to the studio. See the person, the teacher, the owner. You can do it. I know you can do it. And if I’m there, I know that I would really help you a lot. So I believe that the teachers are there to help people. And that really is a space because we really don’t know what to do. And then we can take pills and medications. But it’s like how do I. And so this is where it starts.

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Clint I think definitely starting with a studio is the best because witnessing how the postures are firsthand, experiencing them under the supervision of a teacher is certainly far superior than trying to work it out by watching a YouTube video and doing it at home. However, if someone wants to try and do this at home, which I have done many, many times over the years, I find that the process is also beneficial. So my question, therefore, for you is if people aren’t familiar enough to do this at home, are props and adjustments and things, okay just to get them through?

B-Fire Yes, absolutely. I mean, it’s not a cookie-cutter. We’re all different, we’re all going to be in situations where, you know, someone has to list of ailments. I mean, we can’t even go through them all. But I know that each person can do a little, and it benefits everybody. So another great example is just starting with the breathing exercise. What do we call it? It’s called standing deep breathing. Well, maybe that sit in a chair and deep breathe. But the idea of how to get the breathing through the strokes, how to stretch your lungs, how to get really the use of the lungs. And guess what happens? Oh, I feel dizzy, I feel some energy coming just from breathing just by using your lungs. So anybody can do them. Yes, you’re right. It’s good to go to a studio. Maybe they can. Or maybe they want to start by watching the YouTube video. It works, it starts. I know it’s a little bit more difficult cause you don’t know, am I doing it right? That’s the whole thing about watching it yoga video on DVD. You don’t know alignment and stuff, but usually, a person that’s not able to get to the studio already is going to listen a lot more and just do the best they can and probably not cross a line until they can get to a studio, you know, where a studio owner might be able to give them either private lessons. Maybe they’ll give them some exercises to work on and maybe get them into the room eventually. It might not happen immediately, but eventually. But I really want to convince people you can help themselves, and it definitely works. There’s just too many to ask me what the story is like. I’m thinking like I have about seventy five in my mind. How do I even start?

Clint But it is true. And our audience says on this, on this, the podcast had recent examples of people who’ve adopted more fully like a daily or every other day practice of Bikram and have had transformations not just with the physical body, but, to quote them, my whole life has improved. So across the board, the interaction with their family, with their children, the energy levels, their sleep and everything. And that’s with rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation that is going down. No serious, serious disease. And my own experience, which is why I continually working against, the grain in some ways with the popular, with trends in yoga. There’s some you know, we’ll talk about that in just a moment. Actually, I think that will be valuable. You know, sometimes there’s some friction at the moment when you talk about Bikram yoga with people who are unfamiliar with it. And I’ve just watched a Netflix documentary, for example. And yet, despite that friction, I am still the greatest advocate for this form of yoga because as you said right at the start, this is what works. This is what works, and anyone who says it doesn’t work isn’t doing it because we want to put up a lot of resistance and barriers to things that are challenging and push us beyond the comfort zone. But beyond the comfort zone is where the results aren’t they?

B-Fire Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, we’re going to talk about the man, and the situation is, if I don’t, I have no problem with it because of the fact that, you know, I come from the basis of what works. We don’t have to put a label on it or a name or a man or a face or anything on it. It’s what works. So I started 20 years ago, it worked for me. My background before that, I used race motorcycles at one point, I could walk, I did 10 years of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, everything. And it’s like I just realised, like, okay, I’m just going to have a bad back. And then I took one class and I was like, whoa, wait a minute. And yeah, it took a little while to get really, really healed, but I fixed myself. And then it just goes on and on from that.

B-Fire So when we talked about the man, he’s created the series and the series works. Now we have this dirty laundry that’s being pulled. And unfortunately, I’m actually quite involved with that whole situation scenario, which is kind of unique because I personally have not seen the film for a couple of reasons. One, my biggest one is like I don’t need to see that to change or make up my mind. I already have the experience. The second one was really funny because I have a few people that have watched this unfortunately ever that took that made that film. She actually took a lot of my video clips off of my Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and created that film. Yeah. It’s an illegal document. It’s an illegal Film, and there’s much more to the background. I don’t need to go into the background at all. But, you know, it was a money situation where they decided to drag the man through the mud. So there’s a lot of not true state sense situations in that. But it is what it is, it’s been painted, it’s on Netflix. You can’t change that, I can’t change that, I’m not going to change that. I’m going to focus on what works, the Yoga works. So I’m going to continue to be an advocate and continue to promote this. What’s very interesting within that sentence alone is that when I really started with Bikram yoga, there was no other teacher trainings, there was not a sequence of yoga, there was not a dialogue of yoga, Bikram, it created that. And guess what we have now? Everybody’s got that and their own versions of it. So there’s no such thing as a bad yoga, there is no such thing as bad yoga, period. But this is original, this is a sequence that’s been tested, proven and scientifically done in Japan and Tokyo University, where they spent five years really testing the situation. Then I can take my own experience and then you can listen to the millions I mean, millions of people doing it. So if you just remove the face and the man, if that’s really bothered you because of Netflix, I completely understand. I mean, it’s a red flag for a lot of people. But if you just look at the yoga, if you just do the yoga, and you just feel the benefits, that’s the only thing for the millions and millions of people that are in the world that we’ll never have to deal with the person. Specifically, if you feel offended by him, you’re going to get the benefits and you’re going to live better and you’re gonna feel stronger. And it doesn’t mean you have to wave the flag like I do for Bikram yoga. But I know that at least you can wave the flag like, hey, I really feel better. Hey, my bones, there’s nothing better than that, right? I mean, there’s no drugs and surgeries that are gonna cover the situation like this class. So that’s my bottom line to it. I mean, years will go and water will go under the bridge and things will change with that situation. I know there’s a lot of plans about what Bickham wants to do in the future. And really, you know, honestly, this is the funny and the best part about it. Every time I have a conversation, there’s never one conversation about, oh, that’s happened or Netflix is like he’s always so focussed on the future. Like we’ve done this, we’re going here. We need to focus on this, we need to get we’re doing another. And he is all about the yoga. Like, if he has only one thing, he’s just like, this is his sentence. I’m going to teach yoga until the day I die because it’s so helpful and meaningful for people.

B-Fire So, however, it works out for him, It’s not changing my life other than the fact that I have a certificate that teaches yoga. I’ve been doing it for 20 years, I will continue to do it. And, you know, when when it works, it works. I mean, that’s the bottom line. It’s not only for myself. I keep saying that, Clint, is that I just had too many people daily, daily, daily, daily that come in and go, oh, my God. And they start explaining this happened, this has helped my need, this has helped my marriage, this has helped my work, this has helped my arthritis, lumbago, sciatica, gout, list it, it just keeps going on and on and on. So bottom line, it works.

Clint Yeah, well, it no doubts it works for knees because it’s preserved my knee from surgery for a very long time. And whilst it’s not going to preserve it forever. It has really like I was talking knee replacement over 10 years ago and I did a thousand Bikram yoga classes at first. I just did a class almost every day just so that I could walk because the days after I didn’t do a class, I could barely walk. And so then I would get to class, and the next day I could walk enough to be able to, you know, go through a grocery store. Okay. Or get to a get to a comedy club or something which I was performing at. And you know what? that got me through, and then it started to improve, and then it held strong for like the past 10 years or so. And there’s more to this story for future episodes as they have developed. Yeah. But look, it’s been it’s it really has given me ten years on a knee that really should have had surgery a long, long time ago. And I saw something that you posted on your Instagram channel that I played to everyone in the family, and then my kids started doing it. And you know what it was? It was a I think it was a teacher training that you were filming at, and Bikram jumped off the platform, which had to be about four feet to five feet high up, jumped off and bounced around on his feet with his knees bent. Go to B-Fire’s Instagram and follow him on Instagram. It is Bikram Fire on Instagram. Go back about several months and you watch this video, you’ll find it and Bikram hopping around. And then he hops up the stairs and he’s doing stuff that I’m thinking, you know, your knees aren’t meant to be able to do that when you’re in your 70’s, that’s incredible.

B-Fire He’s 76. When he was 18, he had a crazy weight lifting accident. He was training for the Tokyo Olympics. He had two spiders. I mean, we’re talking about 400, I don’t remember the calculated weight 400 some pounds. He was doing the clean and snatch thing. The weight fell off the bar, came down on his knees and crushed his knee. I mean, he said he passed out. He didn’t know he was in the hospital. Six medical doctor said, you’ll never be able to walk. Not one, six. And he went back to his group and that’s really where the series started to really develop. I mean, he’d been doing yoga forever. But there was no specific sequence. So then they really he started work six months later, he’s walking. Now he’s at seventy-six and he’s bouncing around like, you know, the thing is that we want to alleviate pain. And the easiest thing we do now is we reach out for the pills and the surgery because that’s the easiest. Coming class is not difficult, It’s very difficult, It’s very challenging. Takes time, energy takes money, takes dedication. But you said it, I just heard your story. I assumes I feel that. Yeah. One million and one story, as I just heard. And it just it’s racking up, you know, it’s just way too many people getting way too many benefits from it. That that it works. So we just have to keep being advocates for it. You know, like how demonstrating like I’m fifty one now. I can’t wait to be seventy-six, I can’t wait. Like I’ve already been telling people. Hundred. I’m just going to get the car in gear and I’m sincere about that because we have this great exercise yoga class that preserves our life, makes us feel super clear and clean. And so I’m like now that we’re very lucky, this generation of people, I don’t care what age you are now. This is a generation we’ve now had and this yoga introduced. We’re going to live longer and longer and longer. And I know there’s a lot of technologies, a lot of medications, a lot of things that are happening that are so amazing that are also going to preserve. But I’m all about natural, and when you have to be able or at least you said it, you can’t walk you take a class, you are feeling it. My 78-year-old lady, soon as she does it like she’s able to talk to the nurses and they’re like, what is going on? And it’s like it goes on for about 24 hours, and if we don’t do it the next day they tell me right away they see the decline. So it’s a matter of really keeping it going because it’s a system that works all the systems. It brings you back to 100 percent, but it lasted similar 24 hours and then it’s time to get back in there, you know, or do it again or whatever it is. So it’s like brushing your teeth and doing all the regular things you do every day. You can do yoga every day and you feel feel it. So I’m I just can’t I just get overwhelmed by my excitement expressed by hearing your story.

Clint No doubt about it. I’ve found that a three a week, I wasn’t three a week. And I kind of feel like each time I’m just working as hard as last time to get the same results as last time, but four a week, And I noticed that I am slowly week to week improving. And so for me and I’ve heard this many times, in fact, I think I started to use this formula because someone told me that and I observed it in myself and realised it to be true. So but going every day, I found massive cumulative effects, like I found a strengthening in the legs, quadriceps getting stronger, putting on a little bit more lower body muscle, which was important to me because, you know, fighting against being too slim my whole life and good to have a little more muscle mass. And your only downside is what you’ve highlighted, which is the time commitment. You’ve got to outlay the money and it’s hard to show up, as you said, in the classes. And, you know, it’s a challenge. But what you get out what you put in.

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B-Fire My class starts all the time, in fact, it’s about halfway through the class. I start looking around at everybody. And when this Shabazz’s of laying down, I like, you know, I just feel super honored that you guys made it today because I know what it’s doing to your life. And people like I’m sincere because I know for truth. So the challenge is to get there. I always tell people the hardest thing is to show up. And when people show up, magic happens and then they have their own story to write and tell people about it. And it’s a story that just keeps going on and on and on. So here we go. All right.

Clint So let’s tell us, there might be people in your area who might be able to come to one of your classes. And I know that I certainly would if I was nearby. Tell us a little bit of your schedule coming up. Tell us how people can contact you if they want to either do a private session with you or attend one of your classes.

B-Fire Yes. So as you said, my Instagram handles Bikram fire. It’s also the same B Fire yoga on Facebook and YouTube. But I’m here in San Diego for the next month. I’ll be teaching at the Bikram Yoga San Diego School every single day for the entire month. I’m sure you can see it online, the schedule. So it just changes every day. like which classes but I’m here. And I’m actually here a lot, so I’m welcoming guests at the front desk. I’m doing a few seminars and workshops because I’d like to get more in-depth this weekend in Palm Desert. (inaudible) called Bikram yoga. And I’m going to say it. I said it twice. OK.

Clint By the time we go live with this, then it already have passed so releasing this thing, In a little while.

B-Fire Yeah, fine. But I’ll be here for the entire month of March. I might extend my visit. I do like San Diego and, you know, wherever I can fit in. I spent the last five months in San Francisco. Renting Bikram’s old school in America. Forty-seven years, so I’ve done that until just recently. Holly, go back to that. But if you can get to a studio, I mean, now the hard part is to actually get to a studio that offers Bikram yoga, because, you know, of all the things that have changed in the last several years, you now can look up and you can see yoga, you can see hot yoga, you can see and it’s confusing. So and unfortunately, unless this has Bikram yoga, that’s one thing. But the second thing is you really have to ask questions. Are they offering 90 minutes and 26 postures? Because that is the prescription. That I mean, they can shorten. And I know why and I understand all the concepts, this is not a new thing I get why people are doing it. It’s a time thing, it’s a money thing, t’s a business thing, you went in and out. So there’s a lot of 60-minute classes, but you miss it because it really takes 60 minutes to warm up the body. It takes 60 minutes to prepare yourself to then start doing yoga, because as you know, if you’ve taken the class, you need the first 60 minutes standing up, looking at the mirror. And the last 30 minutes is on the floor where we’re working a lot of the spine and the organs and the glands and the systems to get you. And that really that last 30 minutes really gets you into that very meditative state, because 60 Minutes, I feel like, OK. That was a great exercise, now we’re ready to go. But that last 30 minutes really brings the mind down to a nice, relaxed tone. So when you leave, you’re just kind of blissfully done. And so the people that are eliminating that last half an hour are really eliminating the real medical benefits of the class. Fortunately and unfortunately. So you’re gonna go take a class, make sure you take Bikram yoga class. If it says hot yoga or some other thing, because people have changed it and that’s fine. I have no qualms about that. They’ve changed. Just ask questions because the prescription that really, really hundred and ten percent works is that twenty six postures and to be the exercises 90 minutes hot room. Yeah.

Clint I agree. The 60 minute for a while I was taking because of the scheduling. I like doing yoga either mid-afternoon or just before lunch. So I like that schedule. I also found that I was that I was responding okay to the one hour. However, when times are tough, when the knee’s not as good as what it has tended to be. I found that sometimes the 60-minute teachers were only doing one set of each of the awkward postures. And what I was finding and this was very alarming to me is that I didn’t feel that my legs and particularly the muscles around my knee to support it were warm enough by the time I started to do the more challenging one-legged standing. And I actually started to develop almost not panic, but I started to develop deep concern during class that my knee wasn’t going to be able to handle what I was attempting. And I was having visualizations of collapsing through the knee and all sorts of things that never happened when I was doing the full 90 minute where we do two of everything. And it just kept getting those muscles fully engaged before you started to do the more challenging stuff.

B-Fire And, you know, Bikram years and years and years before this all started. He had done every kind of timeframe there was. There was a three-hour class, there was a two-hour class, there was a 60 minute class, there was a 50 minute class. He’s done it all, he tested it all. And this is where the formula worked the best. So it’s a proven sequence, you know, I don’t have to convince you about it. Somebody is listening right now, going 90 minutes? That’s too long. I can’t 90 minutes now. Listen, especially as a beginner, I always recommend come and start the class if you need to sit down, lay down, miss some posterous. No problem is slowly improve because just by watching you build up your you don’t have to go in there and do 90 minutes until like that’s probably possible for a lot of beginners. And so as a teacher, it’s very important to, you know, see the students say, hey, you know, (inaudible) rest right now, really recommended. So don’t take the 90 minutes going, oh, my God, I’ll never make 90 minutes. You’re probably right, you just got to go in and start 10, sit down, breathe, drink some water, get through it, get to the next class, get to the next class. Because after a while, you’ll start to feel the sequence with the two sets. Again, it’s also key is so important. I mean, why is there two sets? That’s what it’s been created to work the best. If he would’ve came up and would have been 60 minutes, he would have done five minutes. I mean, like you went to sell a yoga pill for people to feel better, but there is no yoga pill. I mean, it takes time. But what is 90 minutes of your day compared to how much you feel? Right. So that’s where the value system comes down to. I mean, you feel so incredible. I took a class this morning. Like the endorphins are rushing through my body. I feel like, you know, calm and energized at the same time. Someone says, how do you feel that? Well, come to class, as you know, you can’t explain this.

B-Fire Hopefully, our conversation encourages somebody to take class because that’s where it’s at. And I certainly would encourage if I ever get to see you, my friend in class that would be wonderful. And anybody that wants to come, my arms are completely open. I’m inviting you. I don’t care what ailment, what disease, how old, what you’ve done. What you didn’t do. Welcome.

Clint Fantastic. I love it. What a great place we can close it out. I’ve really enjoyed chatting. The time’s going very, very quickly, I love talking about this. And I love to talking to people with passion and they have plenty of that be fire. So thanks very much for coming on the podcast. Go to Bikram Fire on Instagram and subscribe to his Instagram handle, because it’s very inspiring. And you can see some of the examples, the people themselves who he’s helping and see their transformations. And it’s been great for me to witness on Instagram and now it’s been awesome to chat with you alive. So thanks very much.

B-Fire Super Clint, I appreciate it. see you soon.

Clint Paddison

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