This is a Rheumatoid Arthritis presentation from Dr Michael Klaper. He explains in detail the underlying cause of RA. He refers to scientific studies throughout this talk to show us what we should eat so that we can reduce symptoms and heal intestinal permeability. You will learn the negative impacts of a high-fat diet and understand the immense benefits of eating more plants.

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Clint – We are going to learn about the nutritional treatment of inflammatory arthritis. We’ve got a very special guest with us to talk about this topic and it is Dr. Michael Klaper. He is a gifted clinician, internationally recognized teacher, and sought-after speaker on diet and health. In addition to his clinical practice and private consultations with patients. He is a passionate and devoted educator of physicians and other health care professionals. He talks about the importance of nutrition in clinical practice and integrative medicine. In fact, he’s the founder of Moving Medicine Forward, an initiative to help medical schools add more nutritional education to their curriculum. Also to aim in creating a new generation of nutritionally aware doctors. He spent almost 9 years at True North Health Care Center in California. Wherein, he oversaw the progress of many patients with chronic disease, including those with inflammatory arthritis. He’s won virtually every accolade within the plant based world, and he’s one of the most popular doctors you will ever meet. Welcome, Dr. Klaper.

Dr. Klaper – Well, thank you very much. It is always a delight to be with you and you are very aware or oriented. It’s such a great service that you’re offering to make this connection. Today, I’m going to be talking about the way that we’re eating on a daily basis affects the entire body and including autoimmune diseases that we will talk about later on. Let me share my screen here and bring out my presentation on the nutritional treatment of autoimmune diseases. I will play the slide show in the window here and put that up there. This is such an important topic and yet it’s one that’s virtually never mentioned to medical students. It is one reason we’re starting our Moving Medicine Forward initiative to make the connection that even these diseases Wherein, most medical students have two words for this and this are ideology and unknown. We don’t know the cause of autoimmune diseases and we don’t know what causes Rheumatoid Arthritis. We also don’t know the cause of lupus and on some level, that’s true. We’ve not teased out every last little molecular mechanism, every last little interaction between the genes and the enzymes they call forth. Yes, we’ve got a lot more to learn about it. While therefore there’s nothing more to say, etiology unknown. It totally overlooks the role of the patient’s diet in bringing about these life-crippling diseases. Well, I think for a profession that prides itself on being a seeker of truth and to hold many of the underlying causes of these diseases. For me, it’s more than an oversight that we don’t talk about the patient’s diet and their diseases. With that, it’s an embarrassment for my profession. Then I’m looking at opportunities like this to help remedy this imbalance. Thank you very much for the opportunity to explore this topic in a bit of depth.

Dr. Klaper – Today, we’re talking about autoimmune diseases, When you open the textbook, it’s when the body attacks itself. As soon as I’ve learned about the autoimmune disease I was like, this doesn’t make sense and why would they even do that? We’re going to be talking about what might bring that about. It is because antibodies are made against the body’s own tissue. It manifests in these dreadful diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic Lupus, and ankylosing spondylitis. But there are many conditions commonly treated in primary medical care that have an autoimmune component. For example, eczema, the wheezy sound asthma, the dreadfully perplexing, condition of Atopic Dermatitis, and all of these are autoimmune diseases. What’s going on? Well, we are here at Clint Paddison’s Program. I would be remiss if I did not start with rheumatoid arthritis. Also, we think about the painful joints experience that our patients experienced. But as they will all tell you, rheumatoid arthritis does not stop at the joints. Majority of patients, at least 1 other organ system is involved. In many cases, many organ systems are involved. Those rheumatoid nodules in the skin can get you fibrosis. Also, you could get a rheumatoid lung and you can get a rheumatoid heart. The blood vessels are definitely inflamed on the intertwining from all the antibiotics. You can get inflammation from the sclera and the cornea of the eye. You can see all these other conditions that are associated and have a real causative link from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a total body Disease or it’s a systemic lupus erythematosus and it’s often focused upon the kidneys as people often wind up getting dialysis. When you actually take out your magnifying glass, your diagnostic testing, look at all the different organ systems you see, and they too are involved. In rheumatoid arthritis, antibodies are made against largely joint proteins, cartilage, synovial membranes, and collagen. This is definitely the connective tissue and it’s the target organ in lupus. As you can see, lupus affects all the organ systems and by certainly the kidneys. It also affects the lungs, joints, skin, and heart. Also, anemia shows up in the blood and these are total body diseases. These antibodies affect tissues all over the body.

Dr. Klaper – Then, when you ask the rheumatologist and the research rheumatologist questions like this, what is the cause of this, why does the body do this, and why are these joints blow up? They will give you all sorts of molecular mechanisms. But when you ask them, do you think what the patient’s eating has any effect on the initiation of these dreadful inflammatory reactions? With that type of question, your question is dismissed. There have never been any studies showing diet doesn’t make any difference or what the patient eats has no effect on these diseases. In short, diet doesn’t matter because there is no evidence. This is what the patient hears from their doctor and this is what I hear from my colleagues. It’s sad because we now know that there are many studies showing the connection between diet and autoimmune diseases. But why aren’t there hundreds and hundreds of studies? Also, why are there so many in the literature that it just blows away any resistance? Now, there are so many studies about autoimmune diseases. For example, the way streptococcus bacteria causes rheumatic fever. There are many studies show the cause and the cure for that disease. Why are we seeing it with these autoimmune diseases? Well, here’s the reason why. With all these conditions, diet is not foremost in the medical literature to see the differences in real people eating real food and it’s different than testing a drug. With a drug study, it’s easy to take thousand people and give them all a pill. Wherein, half of them have the active drug and half of them have a pill capsule that has a placebo. Wherein, there is white powder and lactose powder in it. With that, the patient doesn’t know the difference between the two. The doctor doing the study doesn’t know which is the actual one or the placebo the patients got. The study is done and some objective marker is looked for at the end of a certain period of time, whether it’s a blood test or some clinical effect. This is how drug studies are done and it’s whether we should be able to do that with food. But the reality is we’re talking about human beings in their diet.

Dr. Klaper – With that, you can’t do that kind of study with human beings and why? First of all, to see the effect of diet upon these diseases. You can’t do this for 90 days on medicine X to see if it’s active or if that helps in 6 weeks or 2 months. It is because this type of study would have to be done for years or decades. As the person matures to their various lycees consecutive year, insisting. I want to have double-blind a placebo-controlled study where you can blind this study. It is because people know what they’re eating or don’t know if they’re eating pork or they’re not telling their eating of bread or they’re not. With that, you can’t really blame the studies. As they mentioned, people have to continue the very same data and you’ve got to minimize the variable. It is the same helping of broccoli and rice and beans every night for 10-20 years or whatever it is. But humans don’t do that and we’re constantly changing the foods we put on our plates. Also, who’s going to fund this then? It will be a very expensive study to do because we’re monitoring the patients and analyzing their dietary intake. Who’s going to fund that? There’s no money in telling people to eat more kale and that’s a big problem in getting these studies done. Also, doctors like Dr. David Katz and others at the True Health Initiative are saying, with nutrition you’ve got to look at different types of evidence. It is because this double-blind placebo control just don’t work when it comes to nutrition. For those of you who are listening or who really are very interested in this topic, do a search on Dr. David Katz’s hierarchies of evidence. With that, you’ll understand the ways that evidence is accrued for nutritional studies. However, looking at all these limitations on why there aren’t conclusive nutritional studies showing the link between diet and autoimmune disease. Even given that handicap, the truth is studies that have been done in clinical guidance can be gleaned from case studies. This is a classic study done by Dr. Jones Kelsan Krog up at the University of Oslo, Norway. I took 27 patients who have active rheumatoid Arthritis, got them out of their houses, and I did not let them do this at home with the refrigerator nearby. I took them to a health farm or out of the Oslo city limits. With that, he had complete control over their diet and he was observing them for 7-10 days. Their diet was water and vegetable broth fasting just to cool off the inflammation. With that, we will be talking about fasting a little bit later. Then they were put individually on a gluten-free vegan and whole food plant-based diet for 3 1/2 solid months. What was the response? After 4 weeks or the first month, the (inaudible) showed significant improvement in the number of shattered joints and the Ritchie’s articular index improved. It is an index of how inflamed the joints are. The numbers of swollen joints, the pain score, the duration of the morning stiffness, and grip strength got better. Their blood tests for inflammation like Erythrocytes Sedimentation rate, C-Reactive Protein, and the WBC count got better. But this is the first two weeks and you can see here a severe drop and it stayed down. Now here’s their sedimentation rate dropped very well and it and certainly stayed down here. Also with the morning stiffness dropped within a couple of days and their grip strength got better. It didn’t hurt so much to squeeze the device to measure the grip strength and the number of tender joints dropped. With that, you can see the improvements to when they were able to achieve. In the control group, only the pain could improve significantly. This part is important, the benefits in the diet group were still present after a year. But at the end of the study they said, I’ll go back and eat my regular diet. Most of them said, are you crazy? Also they said, we’re going to keep doing what we’ve been eating. Then they stayed at it for a year and they still have these wonderful improvements. Also, if you’ve got RA you know that you are not in a big hurry to go back to the bad old days.

Dr. Klaper – What does all this mean or when you start looking to explain? The place you need to start is in the lining of our intestinal tract or in our digestive system. It is the system with which we absorb the nutrients from our food into our bloodstream. This is the wall of the small intestine schematically and here’s food going by up here. Here are the villi that let us absorb nutrients into the wall, the intestine, and eventually into the bloodstream. Then very importantly, here are all the intestinal lining cells and they fit together very tightly. In fact, now the junction mechanism that holds them together is called the tight junction. Then, I’ll show you a photo of that in a minute. Here are the intestinal villi that absorb the nutrients. Then, here are the lining cells that process it and deep into the lining cells is a layer of immune cells. They are lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, B-lymphocyte, and many others. I was surprised to read that 88% of all the immune cells in the body are wrapped around our small intestinal tract. It is interrogating all the food proteins and bacterial debris coming through to protect us. Also, make sure that the only molecules that make it all the way through from the intestinal lumen up here into our bloodstream are molecules that should be in our bloodstream. Also in amino acids, sugars, essential fats, and foods molecules that we need to as nutrients to run our body. With that, these immune systems put up the no entry sign. Also, there are various mechanisms they have to keep molecular debris and troublemaking molecules out of the bloodstream. With that, it is the way it’s supposed to work. Here are those tight junctions and here’s what they look like. This is for real and this is an electron micrograph of the tight junctions. Then you see nature as a brilliant engineer and it makes these tight junctions very tight. It keeps molecules going (inaudible) the food from worming their way down in between the cells. With that, it can get into our bloodstream in a pair of cellular mechanisms. When the tight junctions are tight, it prevents that from happening but we do things to injure the gut wall. Also, I’m going to be running that list of bad actions that injure the gut wall and they injure the type junctions. Instead of a nice snug barrier here, the tight junctions loosen up and molecular spaces open up. Also, molecules that have no business getting into our bloodstream start getting into our bloodstream. Here you see the bacteria, proteins, and sugars have broken up cell walls. Also, there is cellular debris that gets in our bloodstream and they start flowing through our tissues, including our joints in rheumatoid arthritis. The so-called leaky gut and the increased intestinal permeability is the official medical term. It seems to be a very common phenomenon when it comes to autoimmune diseases. Why is it important? When you measure leaky gut, it seems to be that folks with a leaky gut are the ones at higher risk for autoimmune disease and pathologic conditions. The permeability of the epithelium lining may be compromised. It is because it allowed the passage of toxins, antigens, and bacteria in the lumen. It is the passage where the food enters the bloodstream and it creates a leaky gut.

Dr. Klaper – Let’s talk about what most Australians, Americans, Canadians, Brits, and anyone eating the Western diet. Now, I realize if you are aware enough and evolved enough to be listening to this video. Also, if you are part of Clint Paddison’s wonderful self-improvement group here devoted to autoimmune disease. Then, you don’t eat that stuff anymore and I’m aware of that, but very few folks were raised on whole vegan diets. If you’ve got one of these autoimmune diseases, the odds are you weren’t raised eating the food you are now. You probably grew up eating this kind of food. With that, let’s talk about what happens when one eats fried chicken, hamburgers, and French fries. This is what I call the red tide that washes through the intestinal tract. This can open the doorway to many things from atherosclerotic plaque formation leading to heart attacks and strokes to colon cancer, etc. But there’s a lot of things in our natural state and none of these were really in our intestinal tract for any reason. I guess if we were scavenging or carcass that we found laying in the African sun. There might have been some (inaudible) oxidized cholesterol, but all of these are from the hand and mind of man. Everything from chlorine to drinking water, the advanced glycation from sugars, and concentrated hydrocarbons. There’s a whole bunch of contaminated molecules here. But when it comes to the gut wall, there’s a number of them that specifically increase the permeability of the gut wall. When you eat a candy bar and it’s soft or ice cream and it’s got a nice creamy texture on your tongue. What’s creating that is one of natural foods? They’ve added emulsifying agents and detergents like Korotchenko cellulose poly sorbet and these are emulsifying agents. They keep the ice cream off, but they also dissolve intestinal mucus and they loosen up the tight junction. The saturated fat itself, the vegetable oils, alcohol, and all of these loosen up the tight junctions. Also, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and naproxen. Also, the salt on the French fries and the cheese cause their own type of mischief here. Then, we’ll talk about endotoxin that comes from meats of all types. There are many things flowing along the intestinal membrane that directly injure the gut wall. Also to directly increase the permeability to allow a whole bunch of antigens. They are both from food and bacterial cell walls, fungal cell walls, and etc. With that, it should not get into the bloodstream. They make that journey across the intestinal membrane, into our bloodstream, and flow through our joints to set off the clinical disasters. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and many more. When I hear about keto diets or high-fat diet and they’re like, eat lots of fats and avoid those carbs. Well, not only is it a great recipe to cause atherosclerotic plaque formation on your arteries. Also, it could set you up for heart attacks, strokes, and cancers but all of this fat is just devastating. If you want to keep a nice tight junction in your gut wall, the dietary fat as I mentioned, they directly dissolve the intestinal mucus. They fostered bacteria and the bacteria now that thrive on the fat. Then, put out enzymes that damage the gut wall. These fats, especially the Omega-6, set off inflammation. Also, the inflamed intestinal lining is permeable and the fats inhibit the cells. They are talking to each other through a (inaudible) back and forth, and that keeps them tight and healthy. This is endotoxin and it’s a little polysaccharide, and we’ll talk about this. But high-fat diets and make you absorb more endotoxin and potentiates its effect. When you eat fat, your liver responds by putting out bile and bile itself makes the gut wall permeable. When you hear a high-fat diet, not only is that a recipe for heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. You couldn’t think of a better food mixture to create a leaky go. Wherein, it can increase intestinal permeability. If that itself can be inflammatory, don’t worry about all the chemistry there. But all meat has fat in it or maybe it’s that called arachidonic acid. It is basically found in chickens, beef, pork and plants make very little arachidonic as well. Arachidonic turns into prostaglandin, which is highly inflammatory and it increases leakiness. Every time you bite into a burger or a chicken breast, you’re eating arachidonic acid and that can make your gut leakier.

Dr. Klaper – Then there’s endotoxin and let’s talk about it. All meat passes through the slaughterhouse. Also, organic grass-fed beef all go to the slaughterhouse, get the throats cut and the carcasses hung up. As the digestive system is removed, their carcasses are eviscerated. It’s inevitable that the gut contents spill all over. You can culture off the cutting surface as you see here. If you take a culture to and you swipe it along with the cutting services, you’ll culture out a lot of things. For example, salmonella, shigella, E.coli, Clostridium, Pseudomonas, Enterococcus, and the whole menagerie of these powerful nasty gut bacteria. Every steak, chop, and chicken breast, which is cut on these tables. It leaves the slaughterhouse with a coating of these gut bacteria. Now they’re wrapped up in clear plastic sent to the supermarket and they sit in the meat case. Wherein, the ultraviolet light shines down and kills the bacteria, that’s what the lights are for. When these bacteria die, here are their cell walls. With that, the cell wall breaks up and the fragments of this cell wall are a little polysaccharide. Don’t worry about the chemistry or the initials are lp, as you’ll see there, but that is what endotoxin is. It’s the broken up cell walls of these bacteria and endotoxin is nasty stuff. If you just take your cruise around, it releases histamine, depresses the heart muscle, and it sets off inflammatory interleukins. Also, it sets off free radicals, makes your blood clot, increases pain and it damages the tight junctions of the intestines. Every time you eat meat, you’re eating endotoxin. Why? Because it’s heat stable and cooking a burger does not get rid of the endotoxin. Every time the bacon for breakfast, the cheeseburger for lunch, and the chicken for dinner. These people give themselves a shot of endotoxin 3 times a day. As a result, the gut wall pays the price and it induces inflammation. Then, you can see a single dose of an endotoxin increase muscle permeability. With high fat meals that you absorb, gives more endotoxin and that’s not a good thing because it sets off all sorts of inflammation. Also, a high-fat diet leads to acute postpartum after reading exposure to circulating it. You’ve got type two diabetes and you’re eating a high-fat diet. With that, you are absorbing lots of endotoxins, (inaudible), glucose, and etc. With cream, it will increase under the glucose in you should not. Also, endotoxin is another gateway into a leaky gut, which is the gateway to rheumatoid arthritis and I’ll show you why. But you made got leaky and we’ll talk about what leaks through it because it causes the problem.

Dr. Klaper – Here’s another dimension of how diet affects or sets us up for rheumatoid arthritis. With that, it has something to do with the microbes that live in our gut. The food you eat determines the microbes in your gut. Also, modern life is an assault on the healthy gut bacteria in our small and large intestines. We drink water that has chlorine in it, which is good. It is because you don’t want to be having water-borne bacteria like cholera and salmonella. With that, it’s fine to drink chlorinated water. But we’re drinking chlorinated water and we’re trying to cultivate healthy gut bacteria. It probably doesn’t do great things for the health of our microbiome. People who like cola drinks are drinking on solution phosphoric acid. It is why cola drinks bite on your tongue there and that it kills microbes down the gut. With coffee and tea, I’m not saying don’t drink these but those with peppermint plants are not making that peppermint oil for your afternoon tea. It’s a bactericidal oil that the peppermint plant makes to keep bacteria from infections. They make these oils to keep the bacteria out while we are drinking our afternoon tea or coffee. Now we spray our foods with all sorts of herbicides and they make the gut leaking. Also, we drink a glass of wine with dinner. In the hospital, we dip our surgical instruments into alcohol. Why? It is because we need to kill bacteria and we need a clean instrument. Here we are drinking the stuff that is the detergent we wash the dishes with. I’m not saying don’t use them, but you never get every last little molecule of detergent and it doesn’t matter how many times you rinse it. And we (inaudible), it’s a detergent and it makes the gut more permeable. Then there are the antibiotics that people get from their doctors if they get a runny nose or cold. But very importantly, if you are eating chicken or you’re eating meat of all types. They feed those animals antibiotics and many of them are still active. When they get down into your gut, they unbalance the microbes. With that, you can see that modern life, as I mentioned, is not friendly to maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Then there’s the food itself when we eat or you with your people and if you’ve already eaten, you don’t eat this anymore. The food we eat determines the microbes that live in our gut. If you’re eating a heavy meat diet or you’re eating a high-fat diet, it stimulates (inaudible) and the bacteria that summons up the bad bacteria, but there are some good ones. It oxidizes the bile and turns it into secondary bile acid. With that, it not only cause cancer but it makes the gut leakier. When you change to a whole food plant-based diet, it changes the microbes. Also, you summon up a whole different kingdom of microbes (inaudible). They protect the gut wall, suppress inflammation, and help the gut become less leaky. The microbes you summon up with your diet can be pretty unfriendly with your body. I mean, diet will summon up a lot of pseudomonas and the bacteria disrupt the epithelial barrier function. With a high sugar diet, it increases clostridium that makes gut more leaky. Also, high Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids from some of our oil decrease the good guys and make the bad guys grow more. I appreciate you telling me about this study. But here we see the bacteria, not only make the gut wall leaky but they also flow through that leaky gut wall into the bloodstream. Then, it is either they intact the bacteria or they just break up in their cell walls. Then, their DNA floats through the bloodstream and this thing over your membranes in the joint is a very fine filter. As these molecules flow through the synovial membrane or the joints, they stick there instead of inflammation. Then, you see that synovial fluid in patients with rheumatoid arthritis shows the presence of bacterial DNA in your cell. What’s the bacterial DNA doing in your joint membrane? Then, their products are rising from naturally occurring to commensal organisms in the gut and with other (inaudible) services. So the organism that should be down in the gut and no place else ends winding up in the joint membrane. It’s another link in the chain of evidence that our diet is one of the major precipitating factors in rheumatoid arthritis. Here we see schematically, a diet with meat, dairy, oils, and sugars are flustering with pseudomonas and these other microbes I just showed you. They build up on the gut wall and that allows the production of antibodies that didn’t flow into the bloodstream. Also, it causes molecular chaos as they flow to the joints and also what will be fostered by these broken up microbes and the other toxins. The body responds by putting out a protein called Zonulin, And Zonulin makes the gut more leaky intentionally. Then there are times that we want to let larger molecules into the bloodstream and this can be seen in infancy. The baby’s intestinal tract is very porous, why? Because the baby’s got no antibodies and he or she just been born into a world of microbes. Where can the baby get some antibodies against them? Well, mom has her breast milk and the baby are getting antibodies against bacteria. They go down into the baby’s gut, but they have to get out of the bloodstream. So Zonulin and other molecules loosen up the tight junctions in the baby’s intestinal tract. Then, it allows these larger antibody flow right into the baby’s bloodstream and that’s great. There is a time the body increases gut permeability, but these bacteria are mischief-makers. The pseudomonas and pneumococcus cause Zonulin release and that makes the gut leakier. With that, you do not what that because it has got rheumatoid arthritis. The more the intestinal barrier malfunctions, the more the serum Zonulin increases, and the higher the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Here we see it as the gut gets leaky, including Crohn’s disease and colitis. With that, you wind up producing all these antibodies to the gut bacteria. Here’s more evidence that bacteria are making it from the gut through the intestinal immune system. Then, setting off the antibody response that then goes out into the bloodstream, causing mischief. With protein-rich diets, it’s not just the fat when you eat a high protein diet. It is what paleo folks are setting themselves up and they all eat all of this meat. With protein-rich diet, it increases the activity of bacterial enzymes which produce toxin (inaudible) to trigger inflammation and that makes the gut weaker. The paleo folks and along with Akito folks, are setting themselves up for inflammatory joint disease.

Dr. Klaper – Once you’ve made the gut leakier through the endotoxin, alcohol, bacteria, detergents, emulsify, and all of that stuff. If you are still eating meat, as most of our patients, friends, and colleagues are still are. When you’re biting into that burger or you’re biting into that steak, it tastes good. Wow. But what do you really, really eat? And by the way, after you stop it, it doesn’t taste good anymore. With that, it’s the muscle of a cow that works here. Once you’re chewing up and swallowing, that’s getting into your bloodstream through the leaky gut. Also, from muscle, tendon, fascia, artery, nerves, veins, lymphatics, red blood cells, white blood cells, and ligament. Then, they’re chewing on that chicken drumstick or in the cartilage. In these diseases, you’re creating antibodies against collagen, connective tissue, and rheumatoid arthritis. Then, you also make antibodies against cartilage. With that, everybody may be making antibodies against their tendon, ligaments, and curves. It is because you’re eating somebody else’s tendon, cartilage, muscle, blood vessel, and etc. I think that’s really what’s in that ground up burger, the flesh, the three year old groundball dairy cows. But most of the burgers really are. The point is that the bricks are starting to fall into place as we’re building a wall or the link to the chain. Now when you take someone with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, all these antibodies against the connective tissue, joints, and tendon. Maybe it’s because you’ve somebody else’s tissues. Also, other conditions are also being cited by hay fever, asthma, hives, and etc. Then there’s the new 5-TC and this is a sialic acid that only animals make. With that, only cows, pigs, and humans don’t even make it anymore. We stop making it in our genes, but it’s highly inflammatory. Every time people eat their burger or eat the cheese or the ice cream, this new five G.s. gets into their tissues and it sets off inflammation.

Dr. Klaper – Then there’s salt and a pinch of salt in your veggies is not terrible. But there’s so much salt in processed food at the Italian restaurant in the spaghetti sauce. Also, in the Asian restaurant with the soy sauce. Also, you can’t make cheese without adding lots of salt to it. With lunch meats and chips, they are all a high salt diet and it really inhibits our immune system from working well. As well as increasing the (inaudible) of rheumatoid arthritis or lupus by turning out the T17 helper cells. With that, nutrition is playing a major role in lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. By the way, obesity makes everything worse and even though we’re focusing on these painful diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Those folks struggling with asthma or eczema have a similar thing. They’ve got the guts as well as they increase intestinal permeability changes. Kids with cows, no guarantee cows, no protein, getting out into the immune system and setting off antibiotics, et cetera, bronchial asthma. Also, these folks have leaky gut, chronic hives, and angioedema. Well, they all have increased but not all increased and had gut permeability. If you’ve got the antibodies against cow milk protein, you have to see it clearly as evidence of a leaky gut. I mean, why would you be making antibodies against the milk of a cow if that wasn’t leaking into your bloodstream? With that, it is another reason not to take it from the cow.

Dr. Klaper – How do you know if you have a leaky gut? Well, you can test for it and there is a test that you can order from labs. Over here in the States, they send a little kit and you drink a solution with two sugars or Lactulose and Mannitol. Then, they collect your urine for 24 hours and send it a little bit to the lab. Mannitol shows up in your urine and Lactulose should not it’s not absorbable. If you got a bunch of Lactulose in your urine, you have a leaky gut. Here’s one of the results, they recovered 20% of the mannitol, which is normal. But 0.15% of the Lactulose showed up and that’s too much by definition. With those results, this person’s got a leaky gut here. Also, 3% of the mannitol showed up and by definition, they’ve got a leaky gut. I used to order a lot of these tests, but I don’t anymore. If I’ve got a patient sitting in front of you with a red swollen joints, they have lab tests and I know they have a leaky gut. I don’t have to order this test because their joints are the lab tests and the same thing with the lupus patients. But just to let you know, you can document it and get a permeability test. But treat the patient, not the lab test.

Dr. Klaper – They’re making the case that this is not ideology unknown when we’re talking about these diseases. I’m trying to tell the medical students and it’s part of our moving forward initiative. It’s what your patients are eating before you order another thousand dollar scam AND before another $500.00 blood test. With that, just ask the patients what they ate for dinner last night. You can ask them to take you through a day of their standard eating. If it’s full of burgers, buffalo wings, and pepperoni pizza, that’s why they’re sitting in front of your doctor with red and hot swollen joints, and then failing kidneys. With that, what can be done? It turns out that when you get folks on whole food plant-based diet, things start getting better. Here we are as we are talking about telson classic study that I showed you earlier. Then 25 years ago, we mentioned the patients went on a vegetarian diet. Here are her antibodies and antinuclear antibodies from 1985 to the following 6 years. Then, you see the antibody (inaudible) goes down and the amount of protein she’s spilling in her urine goes down. Then, she’s holding onto it and her blood is going up. Also, her SED rate is going down by just going on a whole foods plant-based diet.

Dr. Klaper – Now, here is Dr. Brooke Goldner describing a classic study of six weeks on a raw plant-based diet. With that, it rapidly reverses lupus nephritis, renal failure, and so on. This is a largely raw food diet, which is the famous green smoothies. But it sure seems determined that this person was headed for the dialysis unit and then set themselves a date with the dialysis machine. Why does it happen or why do a plant-based diet help autoimmune disease? First of all, they don’t have the very act of pulling the meat out from the diet. Also, pulling out the cartilage, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and they are not alone. It is because when you stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, the headaches go away and they have a similar thing. With that, stop bombarding your tissues with the tissues, cartilage, muscle, nerve, and arteries of other animals. Then, see if you don’t stop making any antibodies against your own cartilage, blood vessels, and muscles. Now they’re just pulling out and a square of one makes a big difference. But also you are now flooding the tissues day after day with all the salad and steamed vegetables. You’re flooding them with these antioxidant molecules that give the chemical message. Also, they help in producing free radicals each day and they help them bring molecular peace to the tissues. But also, as I mentioned, the food you eat determines the microbes that live in your gut. You’ve changed the food stream and you’ve certainly changed the microbes in the small intestine as well as the large intestine. Then, it’s going to summon up a whole bunch of good bacteria to heal the gut wall. Then, decrease that intestinal permeability to reverse the leaky gut. Then, here we see studies clearly show that a vegan diet substantially alters the human (inaudible)of the microbes. Then, maintaining a strict vegan diet results in a significant shift in the microbes. While the total cell numbers remain unaltered. With a fecal microbial virus and microbial flora disease like rheumatoid arthritis during a vegan diet, it gets better, the microbes get better, and the patients get better. As (inaudible) patients demonstrated to us, if an uncooked vegan diet or if you have a raw plant-based diet, then shifts the profile of human fecal microflora. Their fosters more geita reproducing killing bacteria and this is a very beneficial molecule to heal. It is because the gut will decrease its leakiness. Then, our plants have these wonderful molecules called mignons and ligaments, and they heal the gut wall as well. There are just so many ways and we are plant-eating hominids. We’ve basically got the same digestive system that our gorilla and bonobo cousins have. Also, they’re up in the trees all night eating leaves and fruit. It means basically we have the same kind of diet we ought to be eating. They are carnivorous apes and no matter what the paleo folks tell us, we are plant-eating folks. We’ve got fingers on our hands and not claws, and we’ve got long intestines for digesting fiber. Also, we’ve got enzymes in our saliva for digesting starch and not protein. Isn’t there a message about our true nature? Then, we got small mouths with flat grinding molar teeth and rotary joints. They are for chewing up starchy roots, tubers, and fruits that are clearly planting hominids. When we start eating the diet of the mountain lion, we summon up all these microbes that do evil things to our gut and we wind up with these diseases. We go back to a plant-based diet and the body heals, and it’s such validation from our anatomy and physiology. Then, there are specific things and specific foods that can even help here. It is because who knew that apples (inaudible) that suppresses the endotoxin. As we say, an apple a day keeps the doctor or the rheumatologist away. Then, here’s Turmeric and this is now a famous herb. It has a wonderful golden yellow spice and it has a molecule in it called curcumin. Also, it is a very powerful anti inflammatory, helps decrease gut permeability, and stabilizes the gut wall. Here is where turmeric decreases the amount of protein leaking out in the urine. Also, the systolic blood pressure comes down in patients with lupus nephritis or kidney inflammation. The fact that these plant foods heal us and that would be fine if that’s the message here.

Dr. Klaper – Now, where do you where does this leave you or what’s the take home here? Here is the general outline of your plant-based therapies and autoimmune diseases, whether you’ve got lupus or RA or Hives, or asthma. First of all, pull out the inflammatory molecules. If You’ve got a stone in your shoe and it’s giving you a blister every time you step out. You can take all the ibuprofen and antiinflammatory as you want, but it’s not going to cure or heal your foot. Also at some point, you’ve got to stop it. First, you get the stone out of your shoe and stop the ongoing insult. It’s the same thing with these dietary stimuli and adverse molecules here. Just pull them out, and stop eating meat and dairy. In doing so, you’ll pull out the new 5-TC and you’ll pull out most of the arachidonic acid. You’ll pull out the tendon, muscle, cartilage, and all the food-based antigens. You’ll certainly change the inflammatory micro antigens that are leaking into your tissues. In exchange, as you go through a whole food plant-based diet, these are high potassium foods. With that, potassium makes you put out a little more cortisol that suppresses inflammation. There’s going to be more anti-inflammatory long-chain fatty acid and it’s created in your body that will help suppress inflammation. Again, curcumin and apple are one of the components that suppress inflammation. With that, plant-based diet is a different thing between one and zero, you know, If you go from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet, it changes everything.

Dr. Klaper – Here’s my autoimmune protocol to share with you, if you’ve got RA or lupus or etc. I consider it with 2-5 days of water fasting and we’ll talk about that. A couple of days on water or vegetable broth has a very powerful anti-inflammatory, but you don’t have to and it’s optional. But, a couple of days on water really is very powerful and it gets me out of that acute inflammatory state. But just consuming cucumber, celery juice, and not medications. You can’t fast on water if you’re on medication, but you can do cucumber celery cleanse and that would never work. If you want to do a longer fast, you should go to a fasting center for supervision. But very important to get yourself a Whole Foods plant-based diet and lots of salads. Also, you should be munching those carrot sticks and celery stalks all day., I’m sure that you will talk about green smoothies and Dr. Goldner recommends them as well. But they’re optional and they are just a blender full of blended kale, baby bok choy, and broccoli. With that, it’s just loaded with antioxidants and fiber nutrients that have a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Then you just drizzle that on them on the gut all day in small 6oz glasses. Also, it is blended down in small amounts and they are consumed during the day. It is just to get the gut wall and your joints with all the nice nutrients. This is very important and I will be showing you this diagram. Also, you’re looking at this because your are part of the Paddison Program. as soon as I read it and I said, this guy is on to something. It’s a really brilliant program and it’s very joint-friendly. Also, Clint will give you all the steps involved in reintroducing food that you probably want to stay off. Then, a few months later have a few slices of wholegrain bread and see if your joints are complaining about it. But for the starting point, assuming the gluten is not your friend. You don’t want to be eating the bread, pasta, and many more. Also, food with gluten is just a pain in the butt and you only need to eat gluten-free foods. Also, you want to emphasize those anti-inflammatory foods. With that, you may put Turmeric in your cooking and you may want to take some (inaudible) DHA or EPA. Also, you can eat ginger, flaxseed, green tea, and these all have anti-inflammatory. With that, get them into your cooking and it restores the gut wall integrity. There’s a couple of supplements that can help tighten up the tight junctions there. It’s got a little loose there and that’s what these two are about. Also, probiotics to re-establish the lactobacilli and the other beneficial microbes that maintain a healthy gut wall. With that, this is the bare bones of a gut healing autoimmune protocol.

Dr. Klaper – But again, it’s really hard to beat with what Clint Paddison has come up with on his Paddison Program. I’m absolutely fine with everything he’s recommending here. A couple of days of water, cucumber and celery juice, and his baseline diet. Then he slowly starts introducing the more complex every 72 hours. Yes. give it a full try. I mean, boots in as I’ve learned that in New Zealand and really commit yourself. If you start to flare up, then you drop back to the earlier stage with these really simple joint family foods. Then we have nightshade, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers. They are all in the botanical family of Solanaceae and it means that they put out this alkaloid called solanum. When you peel a raw potato or as it’s the skin comes off, you can see that the white meat under there has kind of a greenish texture and that’s solanum. Then, why are they a concern? For most people, especially those without autoimmune disease, it doesn’t have all the potatoes and tomatoes you want. But if you do have an autoimmune disease, if you’ve got RA or lupus, it turns out about 10% of people and not everybody by a long shot. Then, they ate some vegetables from the Nightshade family and the next morning they’re pretty unhappy. Their joints are more inflamed and that’s clearly because of the inflammation. To be safe at the beginning, just avoid nitrates but it doesn’t mean you can never have a tomato again in your life and never have potato or bell pepper. With that, wait 6 months or a year or until everything is quiescent. Then I ask my patient, what do you miss the most? Then they will say, I would kill for baked potatoes. Then I will say, cook up a couple of white potatoes and eat them with dinner. Then, wait 72 hours and see how your joints feel about them. The joints will let you know because they are very expressive organs. They’ll let you know if they were unhappy with the food that you eat and test them one at a time. Like what Clin has done with so many of the other vegetables and it’s important. If you’ve got a flare-up, put out the fire and I have no problem using these disease-modifying agents. Like methotrexate and steroids, and use them with the lowest dosage. But you’ve got to be on these for 3-6 months and I’m fine with that. But use that time to clean up your diet and healthy up your gut wall. When your rheumatologist is ready to wiretap, you often see how you do and by then you’ve got a healed gut wall. You’ve got the anti-inflammatory molecules in your joints, the prostaglandins 1&3, DHEA, and all of that good stuff. Hopefully as you taper off, you won’t flare and it’s not a defeat to use a drug. With that, you should work with your rheumatologist and God bless all the rheumatologists. But you are just starting and this is not the end of the story. Well, you got to take methotrexate and (inaudible), but no you don’t. With that, you should go to your rheumatologists for 6-18 months. But when things are quiet just say, how about we take the meds off and see how I do? It’s a legitimate thing to ask and you can ask them that question. If your rheumatologist doesn’t want to hear about it, then this time to find a rheumatologist who will work with you on this. You should use a lower dose with the meds because it will taper off more quickly and success depends on preventing a flare-up. If these drugs are tapered off, clean up your diet and hopefully you’ll be able to get off of these.

Dr. Klaper – A water-only fast, as I mentioned, can be very effective and I have a video on it on my website. There’s no question that fasting has been shown to cool off in an acute episode of inflamed rheumatoid arthritis. You’ve got to be basically healthy, healthy kidneys, and etc. Also, your doctor should be experienced in supervising fasting. If you’re going to be doing a long fast, you need to be medically supervised with the setting. But if you’re basically healthy and not on medications, everybody can do a three-day fast at home. For 72 hours, you just drink water and that’s going to happen in a three-day fast twice a month. You can have it every other weekend and just drink water or vegetable broth or (inaudible). It’s a lovely way to tell your joints, shhh and I’ll give you a break this weekend from food. With intermittent fasting, it’s 3 or 4 days of fasting once or twice a month and that can be a very powerful tool. If you’re suddenly getting worse, instead of cursing the God of rheumatology and ask, why are you visiting this person? We better ask ourselves, what did I do yesterday or with the last couple of days? With that, it is usually where the answer can be found. If you are repaired to get integrity, pull out the bad things and stop drinking alcohol during the week. Here is the Quercetin and the glutamine 500 milligrams twice a day in the span of 3 months and it is a reasonable course. You can always repeat it for another 3 months or every 3 months and just make sure it’s 3 months. Then, see how you do with that and get on a good probiotic or lots of lactobacillus because there are different bacteria in it. Then, eliminate the triggers, eat lots of soluble fiber, vitamin C, curcumin, and these in your cooking. Then you can have a navel orange every day. Also, quercetin, apples, curcumin, brown flaxseed seeds, and chia seeds. If you want to, you can take some supplemental DHEA or EPA as well. If your multivitamin has some zinc and glutamine, that would be good for you. Also, all good probiotics and they are beneficial bacteria. Also, plus its effect is to make them grow better. Here are the ones that we like the most (inaudible), lactobacillus, salivarius, L. Casei, and acidophilus. Just make sure you see these names on the label of your probiotic. Also, you have to avoid yogurt because most of the commercial yogurts have very few bacteria compared to what you really need. You need 50,000,000,000 or 100,000,000,000 and not 5,000,000,000. Most of them are going to have sweeteners like high fructose, corn syrup, corn starch, and gelatin. Listen, if all you want is the probiotics, why are you eating all this fructose dairy protein? You get yourself a good non-dairy probiotic and take it before breakfast or before bed. But you have to eat a whole bunch of cow protein and sugar just to get some beneficial microbes here. For a healthy microbiome, eat healthy food to support, lots of legumes, whole foods, fiber, and avoid things that kill them off. Also, fermented foods, sauerkraut, kimchi, and those are also beneficial as well.

Dr. Klaper – The last slide sorry (inaudible) you study for the scientifically inclined here. Here is the center red area and they are the bad diseases like lupus or RA. As far as what’s contributing to them, if we go around the clock here, the red tides of food, the meats in the oils, the emulsifiers, and the endotoxin raises the probability. It also allows the antigens to get into the immune system. They form antibodies and that unleashes free radicals of the microbiome. Then, it is causing some mischief, some bacteria break up, and you wind up with inflammation. With the green area, it has the strategies to stop the toxins and get the whole food plant-based diet. Also, plus or minus the water fast and all the things I just mentioned. You can follow Clint Paddison’s healthy diet program or maybe Dr. Goldner smoothies. If you got an oral infection, clean it up and that can make things worse. Also, antibiotics don’t have much of a role here and that’s another story here. Occasionally, antibiotics are used like (inaudible). But if you’re interested in that, there’s a book called The Road Back by Dr. Brown. It describes the antibiotic use with these diseases. Then, take some supplemental DHEA because that is good for you. If you are on the pharmaceuticals torture of rheumatologists, you should taper off. You can do that after you’ve done all the rest of this to clean up your diet and heal your gut wall. With that, those are the basic protocol that I recommend. I really urge you to pay attention to what Clint is telling you and follow this advice in detail. It is ironclad and it absolutely should work well for you. Also, remember every bite matters. Your joints are not looking, but they know everything you’re eating. Your gut wall knows everything you’re eating, but know that these autoimmune diseases can be healed. The rheumatologists don’t buy into their customers and they’re always going to have lupus. No, at least maybe in the background percolating and you can wake up the dragon if you get really sloppy with your food. But if you buy a healthy diet and lifestyle, these diseases can be healed and you can have a ticket to a normal life. Also, you can spend the rest of your life as an RA patient. It is where we will end it here and I am certainly open to questions. There are lots of information, but hopefully some of it was of practical use for you. With that, I will yield my screen back to Clint. I’ll be glad if any of your viewers have any questions or if you have any questions, we can talk about them.

Clint – First of all, just a comment on just the comprehensiveness of that presentation, Dr. Klaper. I’ve been fortunate to see you give variations of this topic presented in Sydney together. We were at an event and also in Florida, and I’ve seen you speak at other platforms. But what struck me is just the comprehensiveness of the science behind what we’re talking about. As a physician, what’s your degree of satisfaction with the evidence that’s there? Are you feeling now that we really have a wonderful understanding of what’s going on? Also, is your confidence level at an all-time high with this?

Dr. Klaper – It’s certainly is at an all-time high and the evidence keeps coming. There is no looking the other way with this evidence. Clearly, the diet, the gut connection, and the joint connection is a pretty solid connection. There’s still a lot more we don’t know about these diseases. Also, you and I are both very aware that there are patients who follow all these recommendations. Yet, still (inaudible) and they are percolating away in their joints. With that, we have to get some of these folks on Humira. Many of us feel good about that, they’re very powerful and they do work. But you don’t want people on these drugs all their lives forever and ever, and we’ve got a lot more to know about. I think a rheumatologist is very remiss if one doesn’t talk to their patients about diet in general. Then these people would say, you can eat whatever you want, doesn’t matter, and keep eating all the meat and dairy you want. With knowing what we’ve just gone through here and for rheumatologists to say that, he really needs to listen to this lecture and do some reading there. It is the primordial sin in my progression and I keep on committing it on a daily basis there. The food from the presentation is not all the of it, but I think it’s 80% or 909%. If you’re going to heal it with all these other things, you’ve got to deal with the food and do it consciously as you do in the program. If those joints start getting a little inflamed, then back off and work with it. It is because it’s not a matter of what you want. I’m feeling very confident, but I’m also very humbled by these decisions and there is no room for cockiness here. We’ve all had our ears (inaudible) with some very challenging patients and we’ve got more to learn. But yes, I’m very confident the food is key.

Clint – Yes, we could have done another presentation. You could have done another hour and it could have been called, other nondietary influences of the microbiome. Then you would have gone into details about things like steroids. Whether they’re injectable or oral, have a negative impact on a leaky gut. Also, things like stress and things that we know that exercise has a positive impact on the microbiome. You could have done another hour on that and with all of those other influences impacting the microbiome. It is a lot of balls in the air trying to get this disease under control. balls to keep them in the air.

Clint – Right? Well, just one sort of detail-related question before we wrap this up. If people watched this and said, now I feel really confident that I’m going to eat more plants. Also, I feel really confident that the meat that I enjoy is maybe not going to help me with my RA. With that, what about you mentioned some ground flax seeds, but you told me a low-fat diet.

Clint – Let’s just wrap up with just the last commentary about, where should we start with low fat? In which is what I recommend to folks and then move or introducing some plant-based fats that are Omega-3 friendly down the track. I mean, that’s my approach. Could you go down this path a little bit with your comments?

Dr. Klaper – This is very fine and poignant advice for giving that food. The Omega-3 fats that are in flaxseed and chia seeds turn into these anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. They’re important because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. In a couple of tablespoons of ground flaxseed, how much fat is really in there? It could be 3 drops or 4 drops, but there are some folks who can be very sensitive to it. I personally feel that the anti-inflammatory benefit outweighs any negative benefit. In which, it’s there because there are good fats we need and fats are not evil. Our skin has fats, our hormones have fats, and we need fats every day. If you’re going to be getting it, then make it an omega-3 family fat there. When you’re dealing with dozens on a weekly basis here, you may have seen things where some of these folks flare in the early stages. If that’s the case, I’m humbled by about it. Those flaxseeds should be withheld for X number of weeks and then slowly reintroduce. Absolutely, I’ll do that and it may be a very valid strategy.

Clint – Yes, with the presentation that you cited all of that high fat. We weren’t really looking at studies associated with animal fat only, just to clear that up.

Dr. Klaper – Yes, those are lousy animal fat. Also, vegetable oil, (inaudible), cottonseed oil, and the stuff by (inaudible). Those are trouble with a capital T and it has a little bit of a fact that it’s not enough. It’s a huge factor.

Clint – That’s right! In fact, just to really emphasize this point or to clear this up a little further. In our program that you showed us a couple of times in your slides, we have nuts and seeds introduced later in the program. They get to a point where many people are able to introduce nuts and seeds. Then, it doesn’t even have to be the ground flax and the chia seeds. It is because it can be regulated more by Omega-6. It is because you can get to a point where you are in a more of a stable condition. It’s for later and it’s not that immediately when you’re inflamed. Now, you are one of the most popular doctors on the plant-based telemedicine platform. People contact you a lot to talk about their health conditions and get your valued input. Is it

Dr. Klaper – Our website is and you can go there if you want to do a consultation with me. Also, we do international consultations all the time, and we love folks in Australia and other places. You can also follow me on my YouTube channel, which is Doctor Klaper. My Instagram feed and my Facebook feed as well. You can find me all around the Internet there if you like to do a one on one consultation.

Clint – Thank you, Dr. Klaper. I’ve learned again from you and it’s always so wonderful to listen and to learn from you. You’re really the most incredible presenter and speaker. It is because you are making us laugh and educating us at the same time. I’m so grateful and thank you so much.

Dr. Klaper – You’re so welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to share with all your wonderful viewers. I wish you all the best and stay healthy.

Clint Paddison

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