January 23

Podcast update and news

Good day! It’s Clint Paddison here and thank you for tuning into this podcast. Today, I’m going to let you know some important and really exciting changes to some of the things that we’re doing to support people with inflammatory arthritis. And if that’s you, then a huge hug from me to you wherever you are in the world. Just imagine I’m giving you a massive hug and squeeze and a pat on the back because goodness knows this is a big challenge that we have been burdened with in life. And that’s what this podcast is about. That’s how we can help serve the community and try and provide information that can help.

So first of all, I want to talk about the change of name for our podcast. So up until now, if you’ve been listening, we have been the Paddison Podcast for Optimal Health and we’ve changed our name. So you might have seen that the name has changed now to the Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast. So there’s a couple of reasons for that. The first reason is that I didn’t want to isolate people who are not following the Paddison Program to embrace our podcast. And I didn’t want to exclude anyone or to feel that it was some kind of exclusive club. Instead, I want to be able to have a podcast that is far-reaching to people, not just with rheumatoid arthritis, despite the name, but just people with any kind of inflammatory arthritic condition, autoimmune condition that hurts in the joints.

So what we want to do is we want to say welcome to everyone who wants to get information about how to minimize symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. And so the name also reflects that with the words solutions. I love solving problems. I have a physics degree. I did an undergraduate in Opto Electronics, which is pretty much physics and electronics with a focus on light technology. And then I did honours in that as well. And the emphasis when you do a science kind of degree throughout the course is solving problems. You know, all of your exams and your weekly assignments have got to do with problem-solving. So I got a bit of an knack for that after those four years and enjoyed that process. And I just like working things out. It’s very satisfying to the soul when you solve something. Think about a puzzle then just a, you know, 20, 30 piece puzzle you can do with the kids. It even feels good when you’ve just finished a little puzzle, that satisfying feeling and solving problems. It feels good.

And I tell you what, if we can solve even a few problems with inflammatory arthritis, it improves the quality of life tremendously. So in the coming episodes, I’ve got people coming on solving all sorts of problems. I’m going to have lots of special guests, not only people who’ve got information to share about how they’ve tremendously improved on the Paddison Program, but also we’ve got medical professionals coming on, gastroenterologist, I’ve got medical doctors. It’s just going to be a fabulous improvement to the podcast. I think you’re going to love it and I hope to get your positive feedback. So head over to iTunes and give us a five-star review and tell us that you like the podcast if you do because that will really help us attract some more audience and help build this show and attract even bigger and better guests on as well. So it all helps.

The next thing that I wanted to draw to your attention is a name change to Paddison Program support platform. So you may or may not know that one of the big parts of what I do to help people with inflammatory arthritis is offer my thoughts, feedback, guidance, coaching, if you like, through a platform called Paddison Program Support. And we’ve got hundreds of members who are following a productive lifestyle to minimize their inflammation in parallel to their medical treatment. And we’ve changed the name to that and moved it away from the paddisonprogram.com website and it is now over and stands alone over at rheumatoidsupport.com. That’s www.rheumatoidsupport.com. And that platform also has some tremendously exciting changes that are being rolled out. So go and check it out. You’ll see on the front page we’ve got an upcoming guest, Dr. Nisha Manic, who’s a rheumatologist. She’s going to be joining me on the next live Q and A support call with members on the twenty-ninth of February. Twenty-ninth only comes around every four years, doesn’t it? So it’s a leap year special guest and she’s going to be the first of many special guest medical professionals on the monthly support calls. So I will not be alone answering the Q and A now, but I will have a guest with me with medical background. So members ask questions in the chat bar in a webinar style format, and myself and my guest can be seen where our videos are turned on and everyone else can be in their pajamas sitting at home lying around on the couch or whatever and asking questions. And we will provide comprehensive answers to those questions. So that’s one change that I wanted to draw your attention. Jump on the waiting list if you’d like to be notified when we open again next. We normally open on the first of each month and I set aside a few days to be able to concentrate on new members and help to onboard new members and get them familiar with how to contact me and get them to provide me with their current status so that I can then provide feedback.

Now, on that particular topic, providing feedback, providing strategic direction, I’m going to be also doing a frequent audio recording of Friday feedback, which is going to be taking someone’s situation from rheumatoidsupport.com and then providing feedback on what I would do in that situation and I’ll be putting this out protecting their privacy, but just using their situation as an example and then launching from there into what I would do in their situation. So keep a lookout. If you see in your inbox some Friday feedback titles. That means that I am reviewing a situation and providing a new strategy or a path forward that I think will be really helpful for that person. And I think that’d be great for you to listen to and to gain some insights from. And maybe someone’s situation is very similar to your own and you’ll be able to benefit from that as well. So these are some of the exciting things that are happening. And I hope that you gain a lot of great information, insights from this podcast or from our YouTube channel or by being subscribed to our mailing list where I also send out helpful information and really do well in this next 12 months ahead. I want you to have a fantastic year where you’re in a better shape at the end of it than what you are at the start. It is possible. It’s not easy by any stretch. But with our new podcast Rheumatoid Solutions, we aim to be able to provide as much help as possible for you to be able to improve your health. So with that said, thanks so much for listening and I look forward to being a part of your life in some way over the coming year and beyond to provide you with as much direction, help and support as possible. Thanks, and I’ll talk to you in a future episode.

Clint Paddison

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  1. These changes will be very helpful to those of us who have RA. Mine is under control without meds at present but I enjoy all new info. I researched for months before starting your program. I have even shared my experiences with my Rheumatologist. He now encourages his patients who don’t want medication to try a whole food plant based diet. He calls me his guinea pig for dietary experimentation. I encourage anyone I meet who has inflammatory discomfort to pursue your program.

  2. Clint I cant thank you enough for starting a new site for help. I’m unable to afford your Paddison program and this is going to be so helpful….not the same as one on one but close enough…so thanks again?

  3. Thanks for the updates!
    Looks to be an exciting year!
    I was in the apple store doing a iphone user training lat week. They changed up itunes to separate out and call it imusic etc. so I better get hopping to set up an itune account as well as familiar with using the podcast app so I can keep up with you! I already follow you on instagram, and subscribe to your youtube channel. This will give me even more to share with my friends and folks I meet who have auto-immune issues and cant find relief! As your wife has said on your running video…Gooooo HUN-NAAAY!!!!

  4. Hi Clint! I am Happy to hear this good news! I am now on 2 mg of prednisone and feeling great. The Blood test are ok. I Will see my doctor in two months and I Hope he Will allow me to get rid of it. At last.!
    Best wishes
    Liliana Casagrande

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