May 11

The Power Of The Mind With Dr. Nisha Manek

We will learn today how we can harness the immense power of our mind to improve our lives.  We discuss in this podcast:

  • Rheumatologist Dr. Nisha Manek’s spiritual family environment in Kenya
  • Western approach to biochemistry and energy medicine
  • The power of Qigong
  • Complementary therapies in rheumatology
  • William Tiller’s work in the field of subtle energies
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • The relationship between science and spirtuality
  • The role of intention

Clint – Welcome back to my name is Clint Paddison. And today I’ve got a fabulous guest. She’s been on the podcast some weeks ago actually, and she is back today to talk about something totally different. Today, we are going to hear about how we can recreate our own reality, and how we’re all-powerful to do this with our minds and how we can become more conscious. She’s written a book called Bridging Science and Spirit. It’s Dr. Nisha Manek back, welcome. Thank you for joining me again.

Dr. Manek – Good to see you Clint and happy Sunday to you from California. It’s quiet out here, raining in Santa Cruz, but it’s so delightful to see you again.

Clint – You too, absolutely. We always enjoy chatting with each other privately. And we decided to put this podcast together because I’m reading your book at the moment and I’m finding it very fascinating. And I just wanted to invite you in and have you be able to share this really important topic something that I love. I love talking about the power of the mind. I’ve read into this my whole life. My dad always told me, if you visualize what you want in your life, then you can achieve it. And whilst I hadn’t had any science on this and so forth, my dad is so passionate about this. I’ve been thinking about it my whole life. We’re going to talk about it more, and you’ve done it straight into the physics behind that, which is so fascinating. But for our listeners who haven’t listened to your episode in the past, you’re rheumatologist, you treat people with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, and all of the conditions that I cover on this show. Why did you sort of find this passion to explore the mind?

Dr. Manek – Yeah, great question, Clint. You know, I’m a very macho-conventional scientist. And I must say, your dad was on the right track. And in a sense, when I grew up in Kenya, I knew that there was much more to us. It was my family’s surrounding environment is very grounded in spirituality, really. I grew up in a household like that. And when my father passed, when I was very young, about eight years old, I decided to find the truth. I decided that I was going to find the truth behind life. And I never changed my mind. And the way to find truth in our world is through science, through the scientific endeavors, the questions, the protocols.

Dr. Manek – And so I left Kenya when I was about 16 or 17. And I went to actually Ohio at Case Western Reserve. I was a chemistry major. Long story short, then I went to medical school at Glasgow University in Scotland and I trained in internal medicine in London. And I’m a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Now, I say all of this because, for me, science is my heartbeat in a sense. I really pay attention to my body, my hygiene, my vaccinations, all of those things play a role in how I approach my daily life. So I wear my seat belt. I always as this an example, I take my vitamin D. So science is very much of an important part of our knowledge and understanding of ourselves. So here I am at Stanford University. I did my fellowship in rheumatology there and I went to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. From Stanford to Minnesota in a very robust conventional clinical environment. Excellent care, you know. And here I was doing the top-notch conventional care, but there is a gap. What I was doing every day was chemical medicine, right. I look at the blood test results. I look at the biochemistry of people. I look at that information and then advise my patients. But there was a stubborn gap, not everybody got better. Despite the best of the biologicals, the best of analysis, and the best minds together. Here we have a stubborn gap. So why is that?

Dr. Manek – And so I’m going to read a little section of my book. I wrote a letter to myself, ok. Congratulations, Nisha, member of the graduating class of 1991. Descartes would be proud of you. Yes, he would, for he may have been a philosopher and all that, but he said the preservation of health has always been the principal end of my studies. Do that in the Cartesian agenda to promote rationalism has been magnificently carried out in medicine. What do I mean by that Cartesian agenda? We in medicine have formed a randomized control trial to find things that work and things that don’t. But from this immense agenda has come so much data based on just chemistry. But we know that’s not enough. And so in my book, I also spell out the problems and I’m going to read that little section to. You’ll be seeing an excessive need for certainty with randomized controlled data. You’ll see physician burnout, and you will see suicide rates rising amongst your peers. These are problems few people actually talk about, ok. Many hospitals now have chief wellness officers to address fatigue and the problems of physician burnout. So medicine grapples with its problems incrementally, forever, tinkering with incentives. AHR’s and all of that.

Dr. Manek – So I looked at this problem at the Mayo Clinic and I saw that we are just doing biochemistry. But we have a much larger issue on hand, things that we don’t look at. We don’t look at the energetic pathways of the human body system. We are made of information, energy and consciousness. But how do we get there? How do we get there? And so in Mayo, I made that sort of jump in my thought system. And it actually came through our book chapter called, around the science of Qigong. It is an energy medicine practice. Taichi, Qigong, Yoga, is in that umbrella. So I was invited to write a book chapter for the Mayo Clinic textbook of complementary therapies. And Dr. Bauer, who is the editor, said, you write on Qigong. You seem to be so enthusiastic about it. I was in there’d be no serious look at the data. Until then, it was in 2006.

Dr. Manek – So here I am looking at the data for Qigong. And At the same time, I was looking at National Institutes of Health data for complementary medical therapies and physician attitudes. Because we know if you look at Americans, one out of three use some form of complementary medicine and it’s rheumatic diseases that lead the way back pain, neck pain, gout, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic, lupus. They all look to complementary therapies. They want to find out how they can help themselves beyond complementary therapy. So this is really fascinating that rheumatology is leading the way. And yet what would the physician attitudes. So I looked at the data. So there were six hundred rheumatologist who are invited to answer the questions, a short questionnaire. And six hundred people were invited and 58 percent replied to this questionnaire. So, you know, with these kinds of service, 58 percent is a very healthy number. And this was the surprising fact point if I can summarize the results. My colleagues in rheumatology love complementary therapies. Actually, they do recommend massage, they do recommend glucosamine, they do tell their patients about how to take care of gout using good nutritional ideas. These are very sensible. But there was one outlier, one outlier where my colleagues do not believe in it and wouldn’t recommend it. And that was energy medicine. So if you look at massage, where more than 60 to 70 percent of my colleagues were saying, yes, and we believe in it, we would recommend it. Yep, we know we don’t understand glucosamine, but I think it’s worth a try. Energy medicine less than 10 percent. It was such a stark difference. And I thought, whoa, wait for a second here.

Dr. Manek – So why is that? Why doesn’t energy medicine have respect? And yet I was investigating it with the book chapter. And I can tell you, Qigong in 2006 had pretty robust evidence, ok? It had help in asthma, help in children’s learning, help in sleep, and helping digestion. There was this sort of mismatch, you know, and I think one of the issues about the mismatch is that, we’re not educated about energy in medicine. Physicians do not have a framework to understand energy medicine. When we talk energy, we talk about calories, what you eat. But that’s not just the energy you know, energy is much, much more. And that’s when I realize physics. Physics has knowledge about energy and it’s about thermodynamics. So here I am. And I know I’m talking a lot, but you can always interrupt me, Clint, OK?

Clint – Yeah. Let me just recap what you’ve said so far and then I can guide listeners as to where we’re going here as well. I’m sure they’re finding this really fascinating. And I just want to let everyone know where we’re heading. We are heading to some really practical, implementable information here that you can plug into your lives immediately. So that you can start to use the energy that you have just been talking about to be able to benefit your own life. Not just if you have a rheumatic disease, but if you just want to have more happiness and just be able to create a better life for yourself in the way my dad talked about with Trinca outcomes and so forth. And we’re going to get there quite shortly because we’re about to get into you meeting one of the most incredible physicians of our time. And how he, through studying his work, helped guide you in and influenced much of the information that you’ve put in your book. And then we’re going to talk about these implementable tools.

Clint – So that’s where it’s now. And right on and from what you’ve described so far that you wanted to understand this, this energy aspect of our health from a point of view of not just physician’s health, because you were saying that physicians were having mental issues and suicidal thoughts and depression problems. But also in your upbringing, you had this as part of your life and now it seems to be missing from your profession. So you had it from both your personal and from your colleague’s viewpoint. And then when you found the Chi Qigong, which is a form of exercise, energy movement that my friend Joel Osborne does every single day. So I’m very familiar with what it would seem. He doesn’t miss a day if he’s traveling like Long International flight. He’ll do it in the bathroom at the airport before he gets on the plane. He never misses a day. And so you’ve seen the impact on patients through looking at the scientific evidence as a reviewer. And so, you know that it’s important to you, it’s important to your colleagues and it’s important to your patients. And so that’s where we’re up to. And this is where we’re going.

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Dr. Manek – So here I am, I’m researching Chi Qigong energy. And I remember in medical school, we do anatomy. We dissect the body to find out about its structure. It sets a very fundamental knowledge in the doctor’s mindset until there’s new energy, highways or pathways. But so it doesn’t exist in that anatomy, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. And so do you see, we already had a mindset. Unless you see it, it’s there. So that’s the first issue. So I’m reading and I stumble into William Tiller’s work. He calls energy subtle energies. And I think the word subtle got my attention because when I do taichi, you’re right, you feel something and it’s there. It’s very powerful and it’s connected to your intention, you intend to do this practice. So here is William Tiller, who’s published a lot of papers. This assisted Stanford University, very well known. He’s a material scientist and physicist and he has expertise in crystals. He’s still around, he is 90 years old now. And so when I stumbled into his work and read his papers, I couldn’t understand them full of equations, terms I couldn’t get my head around. But I knew there’s a gift here, I need to to go here, and I wrote to him. So, you know, he didn’t reply to me. Finally, I meet him in Arizona. He’s retired in Scottsdale. And I realize that this is somebody who is my mentor. He really balances both ends, he’s a tremendous physicist. He knows the mathematical knowledge, and he’s also somebody whose inner developed. And I’ll say why, one of his experiments in the 1970s was very unusual. And he did this in parallel with conventional science, he realized that humans are much, much more than just chemistry. This atoms and molecules bag of things we’re not just a sack of chemical impulses and we’re this intention. Where does this fit in into the great scheme of science?

Dr. Manek – And so he did something very interesting in Stanford. He created a gas discharge mechanism. What this is, is that two glass plates and sandwiched between them is a gas, carbon dioxide, xenon and others. And what you have to do with the gas discharge is connected to a battery, put enough energy in it. So you release an electron which bangs into another electron and you soon enough you have an avalanche of electrons. It’s like a neon light. So he said, rather than putting electricity, can my intention, my subtle energy have enough input to do this neon light without touching the device? So here you have a very delicate device, he stands with his hands over it. He’s not touching it, maybe about six inches from it and closes his eyes, and intends it. He visualizes that this thing was going to light up. And guess what? It was doing it every single time he tried this, not only with himself but with healers, with Stanford students, with all age groups, old, and young, everybody can do this. They can make this guess discharge talks start chattering away without touching it. Immense finding. This is in the early 70s. Can you believe this? So he was doing something really weird. But basically what he’s showing is this. Human intention has the power to change something without physically touching it. You and I, with our intention, has enough subtle energy to change something out there. And it’s not a natural force, it’s not like gravity, it’s not nuclear forces and it’s not electromagnetic. OK. Electromagnetic. He didn’t put electricity. OK. That’s electromagnetic.

Dr. Manek – So subtle energies, the word subtle can be confusing because we think it’s weak but it’s not subtle means it’s very hard to detect with our instruments. We don’t yet have the scientific instrument too readily detect it, that’s why medicine can’t see it. But it’s there. When you do Qigong. Oh, yeah. You can feel it. When I first did Qigong. My mind was blown up. I mean, you know, I go from Rochester, Minnesota to Minneapolis. I have a very good friend, Master Chen Yi Lin offspring Qigong center. And here I’m doing Qigong level one. And immediately, within five minutes, I swore I could press a ball between my hands. I could intend that energy to go somewhere. OK. It was like a play for me. I don’t have any illnesses, but it was tremendously energizing. And this was an inside out, not outside in. In medicine may think outside. Look at the body, we try to fix it with chemical stuff. It’s OK, It has its place. But Qigong was an inside out. Your acupuncture system is called into play. That’s your energy pump. That’s thermodynamics in action and we’ll come back to the tools. But I have to stop here because, Clint, I want you to have a chance to give me some reflections.

Clint – Yeah, absolutely. Well, the piece that you just mentioned about the influencing the gas chamber was is where I’m up to in your book. And I just put the book down, and again, I’m relaying several of the parts of your book to my wife. Because I have a science background, I did laser physics at university. So I find this stuff like soup and I nerd out on this stuff like my favorite stuff. And because I’ve thought about other things for a very long time, it feels like coming home. It feels so nice to read about these. You know, you in the book, you cover his historical influences of how about the history and we want to touch upon all now the lack of time. But you talk about the influences and the challenges they faced and so forth. It’s just really, really fascinating. But when they got to that point in the book, when you realized this experiment that you just told us. It just confirms that what we all know, we all know that if we keep visualizing things in our lives, they tend to happen.

Clint – And we’re particularly, unfortunately, often visualizing bad things like on more bills coming in the mail. And that’s all we talk about, and it seems to self perpetuate bad things. But when we actually are aware of this power, we can use it to create great things in our life. And I used to visualize pain free, drug-free back to maximum energy. And I’d visualize it. I’d indulge in that thought, I’d picture myself having a wonderful life. I pictured children, and I wrote down. And I have all my clients who followed my program to write down and visualize all the reasons that they want to get well. And that’s for all of these reasons. And the reasons when they listed are things they can picture in their mind. And if you are obsessing on them, we have this we know in like inside us intuitively that we have this power and that life is like that. And so an experiment that confirms that with the electron movement just yet just makes it feel very concrete. And that then really pursued. Can I just say one this bit, as you’re about to talk about now, the writing of the book and working with Dr. Tiller. And then we’ll get on to your on taking over. Implementable tips here. All of that all of this stuff is very valuable folks. I loved how Dr. Tiller said he’ll work with you, but only if you promise to meditate every day. That just gave me this path. That gave me goosebumps also.

Dr. Manek – So here we are. And, by the way, you mentioned that people don’t know the power. It’s because science is very rational. And I called Rene Descartes. Descartes is very alive in our world today. He put together this rational science. And I call him the Homo (inaudible) and the skeptical man. Where Homo sapiens and where homo (inaudible). And so, he’s still very much alive in us. And so when I met Tiller, he is a man scientist. When I met him in Scottsdale, here’s was the thing that really blew me away. First of all, he took a long time to answer my emails. Yes, his long sounds. But I was very persistent. I knew in my heart he has something about the truth. I need to find out what this is. So here he agreed to meet with me finally. And while we’re having dinner. It’s the memory of that is like it happened yesterday. Four hours we worked together for four hours as actually quite terrified to meet him, actually. Yeah, I was. What do you ask somebody, you know? To me, he was like, I’m meeting the rock star of science. I was meeting like the rock star. What would you ask Einstein? What would you ask Darwin? I mean, you’re gonna meet somebody like me was like that. And I asked him one singular question. That’s for me. Nailed it. And I said, Do you know a course in miracles? I was a student at that time. And there’s something about his physics model that if your inner developed a high consciousness, your intention takes on a whole new power. You can manifest things very, very quickly. So I’m telling you, man, I thought I was showing off a bit. I thought, hey, do you know a course in miracles? Then he said something that I thought, oh, my gosh. OK. Helen Schekman is a scribe of a Course in Miracles. In a Course in Miracles is one of the most classic modern spiritual texts of our time.

Dr. Manek – Helen Schekman was a professor of psychology at Columbia. A scientist herself, and also a scribe. And she had brought the original manuscript of a Course in Miracles to Dr. Tiller. Can you believe it? He had actually been one of the original readers and she invited him to found the Foundation for Inner Peace. And he said, I’d rather continue my work at Stanford. So that was phenomenal. And I realize here’s somebody who knows spirituality is hardly one of the most important textbooks. And also doing physics, he has both. If I can say Tiller was like a sage who happened to know mathematics, he had both worlds. And so but he told me, no, I don’t think you should really. You belong at the Mayo Clinic and he actually refused to work with me. But three months later, he called me out of the blue with the most important phone call. And he said, before, I agree to work with you, you must promise me one thing. Will you meditate every day? I mean, come on. Clint to put it into perspective. You know, I put applications to med school applied to do this. Stanford, not one time has any institution, any place said, do you meditate? In the future, we should even ask our president. Do you meditate every day? Because we want a commander in chief who can be not only making the right decisions but bring a whole-ism in his own mindset that there is a kind of stillness.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Support

Dr. Manek – So we need to look at our own selves in medicine in every industry. And now you know, mindfulness is a huge thing. Thank goodness we’re getting our priorities suddenly, right side up slowly. And this backrest pandemic speeded things up for us. So Tiller, when he said that, I knew I had my mentor. And the next day I actually went to my chairman at Mayo and said, I really need to do this. I need to go to Scottsdale, Arizona. And I packed up in the middle of winter. My jeep and drove for one and a half days non-stop to arriving at Scottsdale. The apartment has an airbed. You know, it was so incredible. I looked back and I was so brave. I just had no reservations. I told you I was in pursuit of the truth. Every Thursday, we would meet. It was called actually Thursdays with Tiler every Thursday. Just him and I. And I would put a flip camera and put it on a stack of physics books and record everything. And we would have a dialogue. And the first thing he said was, you need to learn the laws of thermodynamics law. LAW means it’s the law. And so he approached his investigation of how human intention is lawful in our universe by applying or really looking at thermodynamics very wise. This is the light, it’s not theory, It’s not quantum theory. It is also not cosmology. But thermodynamics plays out whether you’re in the space station, whether you’re on the moon and boiling a cup of tea there or you’re on planet Earth. It plays out. So thermodynamics is very important. I won’t go into it, but we’re going to now go into the tools.

Clint Not to delay things anymore because I’m sure we’ve wet the appetite enough of people. But what I do is to just to emphasize is what an interruption to the trajectory of your career path to suddenly say, look I’ve met someone who I think is such an extraordinary human being. Who has a mental capacity like no one else I’ve ever seen? And I’m just gonna stop what I’m doing. And I’m just going to go and become an understudy and become humble and just start from scratch with my learning all over again. And that’s what you did. And then the book that you wrote is like that you were able to learn and summarize to folks like me. Who just want to gain from the book the sort of the breakdown or the summary of what you’ve experienced.

Dr. Manek – Absolutely. You know. So what the book and what I learned was that science is incredible. It is a pathway to knowledge, but so is spirituality. They’re complimentary and there is a gap in those two scientific and spiritual. What I wanted to do, my intention here and what Tiller had said all those years ago was you must meditate. And Nisha you don’t need to repeat my experiments. But if you can communicate a little bit of my physics for your colleagues in medicine, then I think you can help. I didn’t know what he meant, but now here we are a decade later than thinking, holy shucks. So the book is very simple, the book is very basic and it was done that way intentionally so that you can build the ideas. There are seven pillars. You can go build your knowledge to history of science, where we are and why we’re here. We must respect that process. And then look at consciousness where we are. And I’m saying it’s not the brain. We look at thermodynamics, the basic pieces of it. The amazing science of thermodynamics where it plays out every day. The way I’m talking to you, my glass of water, my coffee cup is cooling down. It’s all thermodynamics. The fact that I can move my arm and wave at you Clint, is Thermodynamic chemical potential.

Dr. Manek – So then we go to Pillar four, his target experiments where intention plays an immense role. I’m more egging my finger. I apologize, but I know it. I saw the data. I didn’t believe it. I’m the most Homo Duebitat of them all. I told you I am a scientific mind. And then he turned my intention to what I was seeing. And it all came back. My life in Kenya, the spiritual mildew that he was doing that with reverence, that science is a way to self-knowledge. Ask the right questions. Investigate with authenticity. You will be led there. The ten thousand pathways to self-knowledge. Prayer. Intention. Understanding who you are and what you are. Why not science? Why not ask that question properly?

Dr. Manek – I actually challenged him one Thursday. I said science can not get to the hard problem of consciousness and all this. You’re talking thermodynamics, it’s such an old science forget about it. I was really, and he’s very kind, he’s very sweet. And he looked at me, listen. Total silence, and then he did this. He took off his glasses and pointed them. And he says, you know, science is a way to self-knowledge. Just that sentence science is also a way to self, not what does self-knowledge mean, know-thyself, Master Jesus is teaching. Know yourself, know your questions because science is a way. We’re just at this run, we’re now ready for the next run. Beyond electromagnetism, which is beyond the speed of light. Those are our benchmarks right now. We just are at the epitome of finding new tools. No germs existed until we had a microscope. We didn’t know Jupiter existed until we had a telescope. We didn’t know that there are things beyond the speed of light until we get there, OK? And consciousness is way faster. So we have to look at these definitions and revisit them and question them. Question them.

Dr. Manek – So now let’s go to the tools. Because for the readers of Bridging Science and Spirit, I pulled out some of the seminal lessons. And one of the first things is the first reality that we face with every day when we get up is atom molecule. I am a bag of atoms and molecules. I am that immediately then I brush my teeth and I have my coffee, OK, I want to fuel my brain cells. So first things first. And I realize that we have to pay attention to the body’s defense systems in this milieu that we find ourselves in. And I put together some of those tools first things first to really boost and increase the vitality of your immune system. Which is based on certain supplements and botanicals. They are there. We know the science. It’s a real help to you. So some of the things out of say them out now is Vitamin C. Vitamin C, at least a thousand milligrams. If you can get natural vitamin C, even better if you can’t just take some vitamin C emergency. Those packets you see in the drugstore, they’re good. They’re minerals and vitamin C at least a thousand milligrams. So this is the first thing you can do to immediately boost your T cells and your B cells of the immune system surveillance.

Dr. Manek – And then Vitamin D, we’re all deficient Clint. You can be in a sunny climate and we have studied this that we are deficient. So I advise at least ten thousand international units of vitamin D right away. The other minerals, zinc. Two hundred milligrams if you want natural sources, pumpkin seeds. These are very good sources of zinc, selenium. Two hundred micrograms, not milligrams rather micrograms. If you have a handful of Brazil nuts and a handful of pumpkins just don’t eat too much. You don’t want to have too many calories, too much energy, I suppose. But really the natural sources of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and selenium is turmeric. Turmeric is wonderful. But here’s the thing. Turmeric is not easily soluble. It’s a lipid-soluble botanical or plant. And therefore, when you look for supplements of turmeric, look for lipid-soluble ones and look for the standardized version to say standardized on the bottle. The other thing I often talk about, first things first is ginger tea. Ginger is a wonderful immune booster and I also use tulsi. Tulsi is holy basil. This is again an amish to my bringing up in Kenya. We had a tulsi plant and we should drink tea from the tulsi plant. And guess what? Trader Joe’s has it. Trader Joe’s has tea bags of Tulsi. I’ll say Tulsi and Holy Basil. You have these.

Dr. Manek – Then we come to the first things first that we are hearing about from the CDC. Wash your hands. Why? Because this virus is an RNA virus. It has a lipid shell. And when you use just basic soap and water dissolves, it makes it inactive. That’s why hand-washing is so important. You don’t need fancy, fancy soaps. Just hand wash with soap. You don’t need antibacterials and sanitizes and all these things that people are so worried about. Just wash your hands and wash it nicely for 20 seconds. You know the other thing? Don’t drink cold foods. The virus cannot survive in warm things. So if you want to drink hot water, hot tea, those are good things. OK, so the CDC is implementing social distancing. We can do face time. Those are first things first. Vitamin C. And if you are feeling a little bit sniffly, increase it. Two thousand or three thousand milligrams. It’s not harmful. Believe me. Not harmful. You might get little loose stools and it’s fine. But have it in your diet and in your supplements. I just took 2 grams just before I got on the show. I take lipophilic vitamin C and I’m always stocked up. That many international units of vitamin D and I have my Brazil nuts. Really, I have them there.

Clint – You and I have not spoken about this, but I just did a video on Lypo-Spheric vitamin C that I just shared with everyone. So, you know, we’re thinking exactly the same things here. And as I said, we have not talked about vitamin C at all. So we’re really connecting here on what’s really, really important. Not just with the virus around, but because the studies show that people with inflammatory arthritis are deficient on these antioxidants that are so crucial for our defenses.

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Dr. Manek – Yes. Why do we say Lypo-Spheric? This is vitamin C, that is a nanoparticle of lipids. So it’s absorbed very quickly. And it and I can feel it.

Clint – I get a little bit of a head spin like I’m just a fraction of a like a, oh, I feel it in my blood.

Dr. Manek – Oh, yes. And so if I feel even fatigue, I take more vitamin C, I just take it. And I think it’s not a micronutrient. I think we have it backward. And this is where I would disagree with the USDA recommendations. I would say it’s a macronutrient, not micro. We don’t need five hundred milligrams. We need grams of this stuff. So a thousand milligrams is one gram but increase it. And last time I looked on Amazon, the (inaudible) brand I live on was sold out. But yeah, I think they’re ramping up production there. Many other brands. You can take it. Just experiment in your life. But take some. Take some, please. I even say to people, gummy bears, fizzy tablets, take your vitamins.

Clint – My kids love those ones. Ok, awesome. We could talk about these first things forever. There’s so much we could cover. But please I know we both agreed that we wanted to limit this through to a certain time limit. We’ve got about nine or 10 minutes left to get on. See if you can please cover the next two of your five fundamentals.

Dr. Manek – So we have first things first, the next level to pump up the supplements you’re doing. Don’t leave it at the supplement and hand-washing. You want to know, get super immunity. Super immunity means you’re going to pump energy. And the energy is actually the acupuncture system is your connection and it is your battery. Think of it as your battery, pumping your immune system, pumping your nerves, your muscles, your heart, and your brain cells. That is taichi. It can be yoga. Once you do even a simple practice of Taichi and Qigong, you can go to YouTube. I do Spring Forest Qigong. And once you start even five minutes, you’re starting to warm up and your acupuncture system absolutely snaps into attention.

Dr. Manek – Here’s another thing I often do. It’s not in the book, but if I am. It’s like a spiritual first date. I actually thump my thymus. The acupuncture system is just behind the thymus gland in your sternum. Just stamp it and go, haha. And you snap your acupuncture system resets itself very quickly. So you got your battery charging. So please do first things first and then pump up your subtle energy pump. Your many resources out there. But use it and explore it. Just go on to YouTube and do fundamental Taichi for people with arthritis. Fortunately, the Arthritis Foundation has the Paul Lam program for people with arthritis. You just go to and you can just go Taichi and you’ll be able to get videos and how to do simple Taichi.

Dr. Manek – You can even do chair Taichi if you’re not able to stand. You’re not if you’re warry just be your bed like you clench and start doing, move your arms in the white club movement. And I can tell you this will actually pump up your whole system. We think of just the arms, but it’s your whole system that starts to move just like you’re visualizing. You can close your eyes. You can really move from your toes to the hair follicles to back and forth. You have the capacity, but start becoming familiar with those energy systems. And how they feel inside of you. Become sensitive to that. But there’s a third level, saying first things first and that is a subtle energy pump. But the really amazing part is what we’re talking with, the gas discharge. Your intention is a powerful source of energy and information. Here’s what I tell my patients. Take your supplement. Put them in your left hand and hold an intention over it. Hold intention. Cover it with your right hand. And for about a minute. Just intend that this medicine’s energy and information contained in it will be effortlessly assimilated by my body. It is like a prayer almost. But that intention and that information you have already a different potential of the supplement. You’re holding it. You can even hold it in front of your table and say, I intend that my energy pumps this up. Why not?

Clint – Ok, I love it. What you know what? The question I have to that is not whether or not that works. It’s do you think that it works because you are empowering through your energetic thoughts the supplements or because in the process of thinking about that benefit that you have, therefore guiding the benefit.

Dr. Manek – I think it’s both your subtle energies called into usefulness. Now you are directing your power very specifically out there to a target. The target is your vitamin C. It’s your food. It’s your water. You are saying I am not separate from this. I am going to use my intention to power up for beneficial purposes and you can do this with medicines too. A lot of people, get fearful about Methotrexate and steroids and actually teach them this. So and I’ll tell you one thing. If I can share a story when I left Arizona. I mean, when I left the Mayo Clinic, I initially did a short sabbatical for six months. And then I came back wrapped up and then I really moved away. And at that time when I was leaving for my sabbatical, I had a patient. She has rheumatoid arthritis and she was very concerned about her medicines. But I told her, do one thing, at least do your Taichi. I’ve given you the thermodynamic pump. From what I understand about Tiller’s work, is that when you do Taichi, it will keep all your immune system in harmony and will help you. She is a lawyer, actually. And so when I came back, she was one of the first people in my clinic and she was a different person. She says this Taichi has been such a gift, but it’s the second thing that really alerted me. She said, Dr. Manek, I discovered something. I said, well, what did you discover? And she said when I take my Methotrexate. Initially, I used to feel a bit of nausea and fatigue for about a day after my dose. But I found that if I take my Methotrexate and I hold it in my left hand and I just close my eyes for a few moments and I keep my hand over it. I don’t have those effects. What do you think? I called Tiller and he said, oh, that makes total sense because you’re receiving and the body is polarities.

Dr. Manek – When you put your medicine in your left hand, it’s the receiving hand and your right hand gives it. So you are connecting the dots inside yourself and that Methotrexate has a different potential now. You have made it different. You can have a belief about it. But she, I can tell you, discovered this on her own and made the made that. And I said, absolutely, keep taking your Methotrexate. And it was, later on, she even made more connections through her Taichi practice. So she became open to more information. But she was empowered. She discovered things on her own. Connected the dots. And the most important thing Clint was, she lost the fear of medications which she needed. Her body needed that to be harmonized. She powered it out with her Taichi practice. Then she powered it further with her intention and it was her own discoveries. So she taught me a lot. And now she changed me as a physician and as a rheumatologist. I said, ok, let’s do the first things first. What medicine’s what supplements do you need? I prescribe Taichi routinely. I actually teach them I teach them mindfulness sometimes if they have a very busy mind. Just going to breathe will work. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Hope. Breathing. Ok, we just practice that for five minutes. I just say switch on the light. Switch off the light in my room, in my office. And we just go through and I can’t tell you how many times patients just relax and just be there in the space of silence. Breathing in and breathing out, just even go there. That’s a very basic that’s setting your intention.

Clint – I love it, yeah.

Dr. Manek – So there you have first things first, smart bodies and supple energies and Intention matters.

Clint – And there are a couple more. And I don’t know what they are because I haven’t seen them yet. But you have these free available on your website. You just (Inaudible) your mailing list, correct?

Dr. Manek – Right. They will be posted as blog posts so you can download them. You know, you can it’s free. You don’t even need to buy the book. I just want people to know that you can have a system in place for the long run. Make a system, because it’s the system that will support you. Whatever happens out there, whatever happens in the world, you are ready and poised. Whether it’s your first things first, then you can change that. But you’ve got your Taichi to practice. You can do it in the airline, in the bathroom, as long as you’re doing it. But your intention, you pray for. You’re just silent for five minutes. Your powerful and you can do this. And then you can build on that program. It’s the program. Not a single thing. You have to do all of those levels and they will serve you well for life. And this is what we should be teaching our children. Good habits, eating supplements, and teaching them good energetic practices. I bet your ADD will be a historical thing. We need to teach them Qigong and Taichi in our classrooms, then holding intention that you are powerful, showing them the evidence and then building that you know. So we have a new generation of people who are really powerful and fought. We’re not Homo Dubitat anymore. You are becoming self-empowered Homo Spiritus.

Clint – My children today are just thinking about what they’ve done so far. So this morning, my wife and her mum were watching a global meditation broadcast live by St. Rajinder Singh. And they were sitting. And although they didn’t meditate, they’re aware that we like and sort of engaging in meditation on a regular basis. And yesterday afternoon I was doing my Wim Hof breathing. And in came my three year old and I turned around and she’s like, she’s holding her breath because she’s he’s listening to the video. But she didn’t do all the breathwork that she didn’t do prior to work. So she only held a breath for about ten seconds. But I’m like, I wish they’ll pick up on these habits and these things that we do as adults. They really do learn and they’re influenced and they’re copycats. The kids, they’ll do what the parents do. Do these things we can influence our next generation to be, as you said, all of these, more mindfulness, more ability too. As you’ve put as the toddler to bridge the science and the spirit, which is.

Dr. Manek – Yeah, you reminded me of this global prayer and I call it the granny effect. That the grandmother and her church group are immensely powerful healers. And in fact, experts have said that the reference I use in the book was a paper a roundtable. How do we investigate subtle energies? And one of the things that these experts said, that there is no question that when you have a grandmother in a church group praying for somebody in a hospital. We can’t do such a trial because it makes up the result. They know when the experts agree. The grandmother in her church group is having an immense effect. How does that effect happen? And that’s where we also need to go. And I call it the field effect. Ok, we are creating spaces. It’s human to create great field effects. It’s not just your atoms and electrons. We can feel the effects of your field effectS. And my field, the fact that you are interacting right now, even though you’re in Florida and I’m in California. So my energies have very different rules. OK. It’s a field effect. So all these global prayers. Hallelujah. Keep doing then. It does work. There’s no question we should be doing that.

Clint – It’s like when in the Bible it says wonderful things or great or amazing, remarkable things happen when two or more people come together in my name. It’s almost like it’s like a wave that then has synchronicity with another wave. And the wave then builds into higher peaks and troughs.

Dr. Manek – So you reminded me of Saint Matthew. But here’s the thing. When Tiller was doing his intention experiments, he did say one very important thing, linkup with the divine as you understand him or her to be. So when we are doing these global prayers, we’re linking ourselves with the great absolute love field. And saying we are one. How beautiful is that? I mean, I’m just pumped up thinking about it.

Clint – Me, too. Well, on one thing over and above everything that you’ve shared with us. I’m thrilled that people are just so enlivened and refreshed to know that someone who works in the field of rheumatology. It has such an extraordinary more to offer to the world over and above what you are doing for your patients in a medical sort of side of things. But also in the spiritual side of things. And I know we ran over your time a little bit, and I’m very grateful that you shared everything with us today. All I can say is go grab your book, folks if you’re listening and these touches and resonate with you. Go grab Dr. Manek’s book and read the book. I’m halfway through it, thoroughly enjoying it.

Clint – And subscribe to your mailing list, because I’ve been receiving these tools from you. And you get the tools on the mailing list and then you don’t have to quickly go back on this podcast. And take notes or go to the transcription. You get them and print them out and put them in a binder or something. So let’s finish off just by your website address.

Dr. Manek – It’s And there’s lots of wonderful information there with Dr. Tiller and Lama Zopa Rinpoche Shay, who’s a heart disciple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. So we’ve got some very unique work to show that consciousness is way, way beyond this little brain here. And once we know that we’re always connected to the great divine itself, we’re never alone. I think that’s the basic message here, that we’re never alone and that we have great helpers and angels on our side. And now we are becoming aware we can bridge science and our knowledge with the CDC and everything, those wonderful things that we’re doing. And bridging it, into with prayer.

Dr. Manek – And I just want to say, Clint, you’re such an amazing host. I can keep going. But you do just. Absolutely. It’s so much fun just to talk to you and go to these wonderful, meaningful areas there. The time has come. The time and the ideal of intention’s power is an idea whose time has come now more urgently than ever before. So we’re being speeded up. Yes, we’re awakening.

Clint – Thank you. Well, thank you for reawakening me to all of these concepts which had been dormant for a few years. And so I’m really, really grateful for that.

Clint – If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, whether you’ve watched it online or whether you’ve listened to this through your phone or laptop. I’d love if you could go online and go to Rheumatoid Solutions podcast and give us a five-star review of this episode. And that’d be great. It really motivates me when I see the positive feedback. And if you’d love to have Dr. Manek back and talk more about this, please leave some comments. We will enjoy having more discussions like this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

Dr. Manek – Hey, thank you. Clint. It’s been so much fun. Thank you for starting my Sunday at a really high note. My immune system’s boosted up.

Clint Paddison

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  1. This discussion with Dr Manek was wonderful and came at a time when I needed it the most. I have always believed we have the power to self heal but sometimes, when most challenged, we lose our way. Listening to Dr Manek today has reminded me of my innate power to heal and her words have set me back on that path to healing . Thank you Clint for your emails and for such a lively, optimistic and practical discussion with Dr Manek.

  2. Hi Clint, I’m so pleased I tracked back on my emails to pick this up. I was reminded about a small video clip I saw years ago showing hand energy spinning a card pyramid on a pin. I sent a similar clip to you info email. It’s just so simple but speaks volumes.
    You may recall I used this energy to heal my eyes which were, after two years, diagnosed as dry eye, then drops were prescribed…. but the energy healing played an essential interim part anyway.
    I love the idea of intention and the subtlety of it….. Concepts I’d heard but being reminded and putting various pieces from your talk together… we all need reminding don’t we.
    I understood your exploring how a rheumatologist also works towards an alternative view.
    I have question, as I seem prone to do, …… have rheumatologists yet looked into leaky gut as one of the causes of ra? Or how far down the line are they in recognising that certain foods play a part in the inflammation, and how much do they know that yoga and other exercises as good as heal the problem?
    Can I just say one more thing…..
    Your lovely lady recognised that the brilliant minds weren’t curing the problem even though they knew a lot of science and biology, but, here’s the thing….. there’s a lot, I mean a LOT of chemicals, science and biology in a human body, so maybe they just haven’t looked enough. They found one solution, and stopped there.
    That’s all Clint! ?? Thanks for being there…Christine???

  3. Thank you Dr. Manek and Clint Paddison. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and have learned a lot. I will put all this information to good use for my journey living with RA.

  4. It was such an inspiring talk…dr nisha actually expressing herself so eloquently abt these so called subtle fields which we fumble describing! She’s connected things which is actually integrating various fields of science….thanks clint for ur very genuine talks…ur talks come across as very sincere unlike the many commercial ones going around….thanks so much!

  5. Another extremely valuable talk with Dr Manek, she is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy. I want some of her energy!! So worth listening to, thank you.

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