How do you make 2022 your best healing year ever with rheumatoid arthritis? That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m really excited to share this because this is a little bit easy on the mind. We’re not going to be talking about the microbiome or oxidative stress and all of the underlying causes. Today, we’re going to be talking about implementation. Implementation is the difference between knowing what to do and really not making a lot of progress to having transformative outcomes with your health. Living the life of your dreams while being an inspiration to other people. Also, just feeling so good about yourself with your renewed health. It really is the catalyst between achieving everything that you’re hoping to with regards to inflammation reversal. We must implement what we know, and I’m going to tell you now exactly how I implement stuff. I think you’re going to enjoy it because it’s nice, simple and we’re going to walk through it step by step.

The first thing that you need to do to begin making 2022 your most healing year ever is to picture the outcome that you want very clearly. We need to create an emotional connection with that desired outcome and emotional connection is one where we engage our senses. We feel totally excited about what it is and we think about how that might feel or what it might look like or even if necessary, what it might smell like. We just want to totally engage our senses in this. By way of example, let’s say that you have inflammation in the elbow. Well, what outcome would get you totally buzzed about your elbow? Would it be a little bit of an improved range of motion? Would it be a reduction of swelling, redness, heat, synovitis reduction? Would it show up as a reduction in C-reactive protein or SED-rate in your next blood test? What aspect of that would make you really excited and go there? Imagine what it’s like if you’re able to stretch your elbow out again without that inflammation. Also, be able to lift things again that previously were too hard to lift because of that pain. Think about life without that inflammation getting in your way. I want you to indulge in it, fantasize about it and get joyful really deep.

Now holding that thought, whatever that is for you or that part of your body and that part of your life or part of your improvement plan. Now I want you to take one action step today, one step today towards achieving that. Ok, what might that look like? Let’s stick with the example of elbows. One step today might be going onto Amazon, and it might only take you 3 minutes to buy some $12 resistance bands. With that, you can attach to a doorway of your house and begin to exercise those elbows. It is because as you’ve learned through other teachings I’ve done over the years, a lot of the inflammation that shows up in the joints is tendonitis and not just synovitis. With the big joints, we can move those carefully within the pain limits and reduce inflammation. Then, we can go on and we can order some resistance bands. Then, click done and know that they are on their way and that is going to feel good. Alright, so what do we do then?

We wildly celebrate with a feeling of success from completing that single task. Okay, so what we’re doing is we’re creating positive reinforcement. All we’ve done is order something, right? I know that seems small and we haven’t actually moved the elbow yet. We want to still reward ourselves for doing something positive and we’re going to build on this in a second. The first thing we do after we’ve clicked that button order, those resistance bands is to feel happy. We’ve done something and it’s happening or well done, Clint. You’re a champion! I’ll illustrate this with the way that we treat our kids because we’re the same as adults. We just never used the degree of positive reinforcement which is necessary to create change in ourselves as adults. With children or with our 3 year old, for example, about a month ago. He learned how to pull on his own long pants, pull his own shirt over his head and get dressed essentially. Each time he would do this, we’d be like, Oh my gosh Aiden you’re amazing, Aiden did it, and the family would dance or sing. We’d really like make him feel like the king of the Earth for just pulling up his pants and putting his shirt on. Okay, so but don’t you know how much he loves getting dressed now? This positive reinforcement has sunk in so hard because we really blew it up for him and made it a huge deal. It is the same way you want a massive reward for everything you do that helps you get towards your desired outcome.

Step number four, we are then going to repeat steps number one to three. I did say how simple it was to order something on Amazon. Now we’re going to repeat this again and again and again. So sticking with our elbow example. What’s the emotional connection again? Because if we forget the emotional connection, we won’t take action and there’s nothing pulling us towards it. With that, let’s connect with the outcome again. I want to move my elbow without the swelling and I want that pain down. I want to be able to lift things. I want to maybe one day be able to hang from an overhead bar or just be able to carry the groceries without pain. I visualize that, I imagine that, I dwell in that. I smile on that, I meditate on that and then I’m motivated, aren’t I? That feels good. Why do I want to do towards that? Well, I’ve ordered the bands. Why don’t I set aside space in the spare room or the garage? Wherein, I’m going to attach those bands to and I’m going to prepare the area. Then I know the moment that those bands arrive, I’m ready to go and I feel good about that. Now I actually can picture myself doing the exercises and actually working closer towards that outcome. Now I feel happy, I reward myself well done, and I go through step four, which is the process again.

Okay, what else can I do? Well, it’s going to take two days for the band to get here. If you’re in the United States or if you’re in Australia, it will take you 3 weeks. Then, why don’t I start moving my elbow without resistance bands today? With that, I can start moving my elbow without the resistance bands? Then, I give myself that massive reward that I’ve done it. I’ve started taking action towards reducing inflammation in my elbow. Now, I’m really laboring this in a slow and steady way for you. I’m sure the concepts aren’t challenging but, are you going to do them? Are you going to go through this process? Then, what I would encourage you to do is to write down all of the steps that would be helpful towards achieving that reduction of inflammation or whatever that might look like for you. You can have a long list of them and just work through and check them off. Then, the next thing you know, it’s a week later, you’re exercising with your resistance bands and you’re getting stronger each day. You’re thinking about other joints and you say, Okay, this is working for this joint, what else can I do?

Then it expands into bigger topics. Also, what conversation might I have with my rheumatologist? With that, I might be able to increase the spacings of my biologic drugs? Just engaged the thought and just ask the rheumatologist, what would I need to do and what blood markers and physical expression of my inflammation? Also, what do I need to display for us to be in a position where we can have that dialogue? So picturing that outcome, you might say, I want to have that conversation. Then, what might I need to do today? What action step now or at least today could get me closer to being able to be in that position? Well, maybe I need to throw out all the candy that’s leftover from Halloween a month and a few months ago and get that done. Also, you can eat more greens at lunch or whatever the tactic might be that you’ve learnt about through our program or through earlier videos.

The last part of this is then when the successes start to flow in and I promise you they will. If you do this process and you roll out the constant action towards your emotionally desired outcome, you will get results. Then, what I want you to do is when you get those results to wildly celebrate every success. Remember the example with Aiden and he’s pulling up his pants. As a result of that, we want to tell the neighbors and really reinforce this with him from multiple angles. If there’s something else he’s able to do, we build him up again and again. You are no different to my son, Aiden. You may think of your beautiful pure spirit as a child that needs the same degree of encouragement, celebration, and reinforcement that a spirit does when they are little. You should give yourself that gift and in return, you will develop behaviors and habits that create more. It is because we gravitate towards positive reinforcement more than we ever know, and that’s what I want you to do. If you follow these steps and you can work on it with your drugs, with your supplements, with your stress reduction plans, with your exercise routines, and with your diet. If you implement this across the board on each of these categories, you will have an astoundingly wonderful year and I hope that this helps you. If you’re really into this stuff or you like this topic and you want more personal development. You should definitely become a member of Rheumatoid Solutions or Paddison Program membership, both of where we have live monthly calls. Then, I teach this and we have rheumatologists on our live calls as well to support us through these topics and all sorts of things. Come join us, I love to help you and help you throughout the year ahead. Also, don’t forget to like this video post a comment below. I’ll try to reply to that and I’ll see you in a new video. Go crush it. Go visualize what you want and get it done. Have a wonderful year ahead and I’ll be there for you. I’m looking forward to it.

Clint Paddison

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  1. Thank you Clint for all of your advice over the past three years. I have had severe RA for over 27 years and two years ago I had to see an orthopedic surgeon who told me that I needed a total left knee replacement. I could hardly stand or walk without crutches. Then the pandemic covid19 started and my surgery was put on hold. I started to follow a good diet and exercise regularly. Today, I have no problem standing or walking. Feeling so much better I am rethinking about having surgery. Again THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Clint, thanks for this inspiration, you never give up on us, even though we sometimes give up on ourselves. I am struggling and this is the little push I needed to start the program again. I’ve attempted it twice now, I know this third time will be when I get through my first 12 days of the program. I will visualize having more energy and less pain. Thank you again for your upbeat spirit, your an angel from heaven.

  3. This is exactly what I needed to hear today, We are in a severe cold snap here in MANITOBA Canada, and with humidity of snow, winter is hardest time. After going through all oral pills, tried REmicade for 6 months, then Enbrel for 18 yrs. Taking ACTEMRA for 1.5 years and no longer effective. Have been on prednisone at the same time since 2002 after losing my sister suddenly in heart condition and mother in car accident. With tight COVID restrictions unable to go to Arizona for last 2 years., low on enthusiasm, sleeping and watching TV more than I should. Hands, knuckles, knees most inflamed and can’t get on that treadmill. AFTER. HEARING YOUR encouragement maybe I CAN. THANK YOU. I have been trying to get through but never have.

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your devastating losses and challenges Colleen – I wish you a much improved year ahead, and good luck beginning to implement some positive changes soon

  4. Hi Clint,
    I've had seronegative rheumatoid arthritis for 7 years, mainly impacting the joints in my toes. This article resonates with me as I have been doing some research and reading more into the psychology behind pain. The only real forms of relief that I have found successful, alongside my medication, is the use of ice to soothe my inflammation. I was given some exercises to do to help with my feet but they were filed away and "forgotten" about. Recently, osteoarthritis has appeared in my neck and lower back which has also brought with it profound discomfort sometimes to the point where I have been in tears. I'm not sure wherelse to turn or what to try to improve my situation, so I procrastinate on the issue and don't really achieve a satisfying outcome. Perhaps the perfectionist within is only interested in tools that will work and not have a disappointing outcome.
    Thankyou for your time in reading my story, I hope I make some sense.
    Happy new year and kind regards, Leanne

  5. Just what I needed to hear to start my Healing Year off with a Wow!
    I have a sore knee at the moment but after your encouragement- Today I’ll be going to the pool to help unlock that inflammation.
    ThankYou Dear Clint, I really appreciate your continued help.
    Love & Best Wishes

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