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Blood Flow And Oxygen With Dr. Kwan

Dr. Kwan and Clint Paddison discuss in this podcast: Blood flow and its importance for our health How lack of oxygen and nutrients can lead to diseases Red and white blood cells Blood vessels and the function of cholesterol Chronic inflammations and immune response Hypoxia inducible factor and RA The role of food and a […]

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Diet And Exercise To Get Rid Of Pain With Colin

We discuss in this podcast: How Colin found great support listening to the Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast How he has been able to become pain free and drug free using the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis The mix of medications he was on The massive change in his diet and the great results it brought Sports […]

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Improving Your Mood With Masumi

We discuss in this podcast: How discovering her chronic illness impacted Masumi’s mood Efforts to heal with a macrobiotic diet The importance of stress as a major factor in recovery How her doctor introduced her to the Paddison Program How the Program lead to great success from the very beginning The flexibility of the Paddison […]

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The Power Of Persistence with Sara

We discuss in this podcast: The state of absolute pain she had at the start of the process Stressful lifestyle as a turning point The first approach with sulfasalazine, methotrexate and Plaquenil at the same time Allergic reactions, rash and other side effects Prednisone and short-term effects How she turned to dietary approaches after these […]

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Massive Improvements From Bikram Yoga For Erin

We discuss in this podcast: How Erin was losing weight doing baseline foods Introducing new foods and monitoring the process Bikram Yoga and its benefits The effects of a more intense workout program How exercise helps to increase food diversity Bikram and next-day recovery How Bikram affects the wrists Bikram poses Developing a deeper and […]

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RA strategies – Why Diet Alone Is Not Enough

We discuss in this podcast: The enormous task at hand which requires more than just food adjustments Other parts of an effective strategy that can be overlooked by the huge change in diet The importance of physical exercise Bikram Yoga Interactions between diet and drugs Plant-based supplements Clint Here today, I’ve got Cecile back. We […]

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