We discuss in this interview:

  • How emotions can trigger inflammation
  • Meditation as a way to calm the mind
  • Valentin’s first attempts with medications and his discovery of Dr. McDougall’s work
  • His switch to the Paddison Program with promising results
  • Possible side effects of medications on mood and feelings
  • Water fasting
  • Journaling
  • Mind-body connection and neuroplasticity
  • Meditation techniques
  • Extending the results of meditation in everyday life

Clint – Today, we’re going to have a very insightful discussion about using meditation in parallel to the Paddison Program to get the final breakthrough. Certainly, it was the case for Valentin, who is today’s guest. He’s originally from Romania, but he’s currently living in Texas. In fact, he has been there for the last 20 years. Then, he has been part of rheumatoid support, our coaching and support platform for some time. He is going to share today how it was the addition of meditation on top of all of the other aspects of the program, which helped him to get to where he really wanted to get to. Valentin, thanks for joining us.

Valentin – Thank you, Clint. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing, inspiring people, getting them to feel better, giving them hope for a better life, and hoping to realize that they have the power to heal themselves. I just want to express my gratitude and my sympathy for everything that you are doing, it’s just amazing.

Clint – Well, thank you very much. Thank you for embracing everything that I’ve been teaching for some time and rolling it out. We know there’s a lot involved, we know that there are lots of ups and downs along the way. Just before we hit record here, you said something really that I thought was profound, which was about getting so far with the other aspects or the more physical aspects of trying to heal. But it was the mental aspects associated with stress and so on that really seemed to be the final frontier. Can you put that into your own words or your experience?

Valentin – My pain started in November 2018 and I was struggling with back pain. It evolved at one point that I was so good like 90% recovered. I was basically pain-free for some days and some days keep coming back. I was in a cycle and sometimes I noticed that my pain was triggered by emotion. Although, I was 100% following your diet and doing all the things that you’re supposed to do to get better. I noticed that there is something that is missing and that thing was my psychology part. Then, I was looking for something just to jump that fence to full health and I found meditation. I found a way to quiet my mind and I found a way to start loving myself more. I’ve learned to give attention to myself and not to stuff around me and that that brought me here. Now, I’m good, I don’t have any pain, I’m happy, and I’m not depressed. I’m just in love with life and with what I’m doing.

Clint – To what extent, are you comfortable talking about just briefly, the level of symptoms that you had before you started?

Valentin – Sure. Everything started in November 2018 with strong pain in my back and I was going to the gym at that time. I was thinking maybe I pulled a muscle or something. But in a few days, the pain becomes so unbearable that one night I decided to go to the emergency because I couldn’t stand it anymore. There they did an X-ray and I got a shot for the pain. Then, the doctor noticed something strange on my spine and just said, you have to go to see a specialist in rheumatology. I know somebody and she’s a doctor, and I visit her right away. She started doing the blood test, the x-ray and the tests came back normal. I mean, my inflammation could not be because I’m still negative. Also, you cannot see the inflammation in my blood. The HLA-B2 was not present, which is typical for ankylosing spondylitis. My father has ankylosing spondylitis, so I have it in my family. I mean, the doctor started thinking about that, but I didn’t have any other symptoms and somehow the x-ray was looking fine. She told me that I will just take ibuprofen and we’ll see what happened. Well, two weeks later, the pain came back again in the middle of the night. Then, I notice here on the base of my neck between the rib cage or the sternum and the rib one inflammation like swallowing. Everything started from there and I got back to the doctor. Then he told me, you have some kind of arthritis and let’s name it for the moment, axial spondyloarthritis. She gave me a cortisone shot and I would be back with cortisone for 10 days just to hit it hard. But I mean, I was feeling great for those 10 days and I had so much energy. However, I was aware that the side effects of cortisone and I’m not a big fan of medication. It’s not that I have something against it, but I think we need to use it as a last resort. Then, the pain came back way worse than before. It’s like that cortisol just wakes up a monster or something and here I had like swelling. Then, I got back to the doctor with more X-rays and more C.T. scans. In the meantime, I asked her if there is any connection between what I eat and this inflammation. It is because something has to cause it and it is not a virus, as she said. We don’t know exactly, but some people, start doing some kind of elimination diet. Then some of them discover the trigger and the problem goes away. For example, it’s like it’s gluten or something else. I was really encouraged about that and I started looking on the internet for a connection. I found Dr. Mcdougall the starch solution.

Clint – Talk to me about it.

Valentin – I said, this is nice. It was Christmas, we had some guests and we bought a lot of food. Then, I was in the middle of reading on the internet. Then I just decided, I’m going to stop from this moment eating any dairy and meat. I stop it, and the next day I start eating sweet potatoes and green beans. I did that for about 10 days until I found you. I noticed that my pain suddenly subside not a lot, but it was better. I started looking on YouTube and I found one on your video, but I cannot remember what video it was. I don’t remember her name from England, and she has ankylosing spondylitis too. She said, I couldn’t move my head like this, and I had the same symptoms.

Clint – Could have been Cherie.

Valentin – Yes. Let’s check what’s Paddison Program is. When I saw that we have steps, plans, meals, and everything. Then I said, this is for me and I don’t have to stay with sweet potatoes because I don’t quite love them. Then, I started the Paddison Program on 1st January and it’s like my New Year’s resolution. I got like one hundred percent in and I did everything. After ten days, this is nice and I love this. Then I start introducing some new food and I don’t remember exactly. Some pain came back, but it wasn’t bad. In the meantime, my results from the ct-scan and from the X-ray came back and it was bad. In a way, the rib that connects something was kind of destroyed. Let’s put it this way, it was kind of remodeled and. I was like starting to panic really bad and I was starting to imagine the worst-case scenario that I have to live my whole life. For example, my father is in pain and with medication. I panic so bad that I took the suggestion to start taking some physiology.

Clint – What were your symptoms like at that point? Do you think that the results came back from a period of time a few weeks prior to use starting the dietary changes?

Valentin – I think my overreaction made me worse and it increased my pain. The decision to start those pills wasn’t quite good and I will tell it why. She referred me to a doctor in Houston, who is a big specialist for rheumatology. I don’t remember his name and I visit him and he looks at the CT scan. Then, he saw something there and probably I have ankylosing spondylitis. Then I need to start tomorrow o the other one, I don’t remember that one, but Enbrel right away. In the meantime, I did my homework and he uses those in extremes when people are in pain, not when you are in light pain. In the meantime, I regret myself and I realize that I have tools. Also, I have ways to improve my life and to get rid of the pain. Why not use them? I refuse all the medication, but I stay with the sulfasalazine. After I think in May, I start to feel really depressed. My intuition was telling me that they have something inside of them that changes your way of thinking like, I could not recognize myself. I got so deep in my depression that I have really dark thoughts. It was hard because we just had my son and I couldn’t carry him in my arm because I was a little bit in pain here. Basically, the collarbone was pushing the rib one, and all this part was in pain. Also, I had a little bit of pain in my back.

Valentin – In the same summer, we decided to go to Europe to visit our parents. Then one night before the flight, I started stressing myself about how are we going to travel the newborn, what food am I going to find, and running that worst-case scenario. Although I didn’t have other inflammation, this finger was like I couldn’t do this and it was impossible. I had new inflammation on my chest and I realized that the way I’m thinking or the way I’m seeing life is wrong. With that, I have to do something to change or I have to find a way to retrain myself to rewire my brain. At first, I was needing a plan to get rid of the sulfasalazine was because I was way better before I start that pill.

Clint – I’m just writing my book at the moment, and so that’s what pops into my mind. The reason I’m smiling is because of what I’ve written in the book in the opening paragraph in the medications section. I wrote that the choice of medications that we make is one of the biggest influences to our future quality of life. It is because if we choose one of the counterproductive medications for gut health, then we’re setting ourselves up for a hamster wheel. An endless hamster wheel of trying to improve that is making the underlying cause worse, or certainly not better. If we choose wisely, it can reduce inflammation adequately so that we can work on healing our gut. While I was researching, I was fascinated by some studies I’ve just added to the book. The disease-modifying drugs can actually reduce leaky gut. You’ve actually got medications that can actually support you in your gut healing process. This intricacy of medications, the side effect dance that we have, and whether or not it’s worth it for the reduction of inflammation. These are all so familiar and juicy sort of discussion points that it always raises a lot of interest and opinions. In some cases, arguments if you spend too long looking at Facebook comments. I just smile with knowing that the medication topic is one that is most full of anticipation and variables. Let me continue to resume where you found that you were actually doing better before you went on the sulfasalazine in your particular case.

Valentin – Yep. I worked on my finger. I started juices like hardcore juices. I was drinking in the morning too, but I start with a spinach smoothie and everything. Sauna, Ok Yoga, because Yoga will stop it after COVID, of course. I decided to go to California to do a water fast. After that fast, my plan is to work on sulfasalazine.

Clint – Did you go to true north?

Valentin – Yes. I fasted for 6 days and it was so good. I mean, it was no pain but it’s not sustainable and it was so nice there. Everybody was positive and they have presentations twice per day. Also, they are funny talking about the subject that I was interested in it. One day, I start speaking with a lady who had lupus. She told me, there is a book is called The Divided Mind by John Sarno. Then I said, I’m going to look into it. The book is about looking into the connection between the mind and the body. Basically, when you have some conscience, trauma, or events in your life, they translate into pain. Also, they can translate into disease or chronic disease. Then, solving the trauma will relieve the symptoms or will make the disease go away. I started reading other books and it was called Anatomy of an Illness, that one was quite funny. If I’m not confusing, a guy who was ankylosing spondylitis was watching comedy shows on TV. The high level of vitamin C, so he changed his way of thinking and his disease just disappeared.

Clint – What’s his book?

Valentin – I think it’s Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient and it was written by Norman Cousins. The other one is Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, and I love that book. She started introducing meditation, journaling and being grateful for things in your life. I start every morning having a journal, and I just start writing what I was grateful for. Even if you don’t have a reason, I was grateful even for my food for the sunset, or for the day. Then, you start building up and start from nothing. Then I came across a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and the first one that I read was You Are The Placebo. Then also the book, breaking the habit of being yourself – how to lose your mind in creating your own. In all these books, they give you the idea that you plan everything. However, they don’t give you exactly how to apply all this information. But Dr. Joe said you should start meditation every day.

Clint – Now, what’s his full name, please?

Valentin – Joe Dispenza

Clint – Okay. Can you tell us what he says?

Valentin – Before I’m going to the details and how I start my meditation practice. I was meditating before 2-3 minutes per day and I was thinking, meditating is nice.

Clint – Hang on, let’s just close one loop.

Valentin – Yes.

Clint – You were back at True North and you have been fasting for 6 days now. After the fasting stops, there’s a challenge to try and get back into eating without the pain returning. You’re talking about coming off your sulfasalazine.

Valentin – Yes

Clint – With that, let’s close all this off.

Valentin – Yes. After true north, I feel way better for maybe about a month. Then, I noticed some symptoms coming back but it wasn’t bad. The level of threshold was 90 – 95%, which was good. It was a good place to be. I mean, comparing where I was, it wasn’t bad because I wanted to jump that fence. I think I found Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book back in July and I started meditating right away.

Clint – Are you still taking the sulfasalazine?

Valentin – I stopped the sulfasalazine after True North.

Clint – Wow, you sort of did a swap out. You did a 6 day fast and it enabled you or you at the same time to stop the medication. Yet, here you are a month or a little bit after a month later, a few symptoms come back. However, still way better than what you were before True North. It’s a good story.

Valentin – There is one more thing I forgot to mention. With the True North program, I want to go 7 days, but on day 6 I had some very high pain in my liver. The doctors there said, you are detoxing, and if you want to stop, you can stop. Also, I have terrible heart headaches. Basically, I think that was the moment when I was detoxing from all these meds. I mean, I apply a shock to the system just to get rid of those pills. It is because otherwise I have to do it slowly and I didn’t like that idea. I just know I just couldn’t stand the idea of waking up in the morning and I have to take that pill. It was way too much.

Clint – I just want to draw people’s attention to the summit that we did in 2021. In that interview, I interviewed Dr. Goldhammer he is the owner of True North. He spoke about how he helps people get off medications going through this process. If you haven’t watched the summit interview with Dr. Goldhammer yet and you own the summit. It means that you’re a member of rheumatoid support or rheumatoid solutions, go and watch that interview with Dr. Goldhammer. He goes into all of the details of how this is done. If you’re interested in attending True North, it’s a sensational hour of information. He’s also a very funny presenter, speaker, he uses very funny anecdotes, and it’s a fabulous hour. You can still access that summit interview and all 17 of the expert recordings by joining rheumatoid solutions or rheumatoid support. It comes for free now as part of your membership and you’ll get the 2022 summit for free as well. With that, it’s definitely information that’s worth looking at. Now, we’re up to when you started following the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and you’re starting now to increase your meditations each day.

Valentin – Before I will start presenting, I’m thinking to present that meditation that I was doing. I did it for 6 months just to get people to understand what I was thinking and what was my motivation behind it. Just a little bit about what was my level of understanding after reading his books and watching some YouTube podcasts. Basically every day we have between 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts, and most of them are negative. The problem is that the day before, we had 90 percent of the same thoughts. By the age of 35, 94% of who we are is just a set of repeating programs or repeated subconscious problems. Basically, we are running a program. It is because if you look at our life, we are going in cycles because this is familiar to us. Our behavior is just a reflection of our experience, right? It is because our mind is just a record of our past and we act in the same way. For example, when you feel pain, you start thinking of the worst-case scenario. You live your trauma from the moment that you found out that you are sick. Also, the human mind is so good at living under stress. You don’t need the doctor in front of you to relieve that stress because you have to imagine. Also, going like this after day after day instead of getting better, you’re getting worse. Your body doesn’t have a chance to catch up and is living in fear, it’s living in fight or flight. Even when you sleep, I was waking up in the morning with such anxiety that I was really scared and my heart was pumping so hard. I knew that moment that I have to do something with my behavior or my state of being. Basically, your disease becomes your personality type personality, right? It becomes a part of you and it’s sad to say that, but it is what it Is. It becomes you, the body takes control, and it creates the hormones of stress and suffering. It’s so common that when you are not thinking about your disease and your problem, you are actually uncomfortable. Also, that is unknown and the body is pulled back because those hormones are very addictive. Now, my body should finish recovering if I was distressed. It was basically impossible because I was running a program. Me being sick or me running to the worst-case scenario. Even if I have all the tools and all the food was perfect, my mind was not there. My mind didn’t want to get better because I was looking to my father and somehow, maybe on my subconscious level. Also, a father figure is very important and I was reliving the same trauma. Now here is the good news, our brain has the capacity to rewire itself and it’s called neuroplasticity. I was thinking if I managed to get myself sick and I stay sick. How about if I change or I’m not going to feel stressed. I’m going to feel happy, I’m going to feel joy, I’m going to feel have a love for life. But for that, you need a tool or you need something to know yourself or to catch yourself before doing a mistake or before you react. Also, you have that thought that pulls you back into the hole. For this, I use meditation and the word meditation means to become familiar with you. I started this meditation in July and I gave myself 6 months to see some improvements. This meditation was 47 minutes long and I used to do 3-5 minutes of meditation. You are doing the meditation while sitting on the chair and not laying down. Because if you lay down, you’re going to fall asleep.

Valentin – The steps that I follow in this meditation. In the first part, you start focusing your attention on something. For example, when you are stressed you’re focusing on a person. We are focused on the problem or you’re focusing on a situation. In your mind, you keep running around, keep reacting, keep over-analyzing and that is stress. The meditation and this is brilliant of Dr. Dispenza. You are starting to shift that focus from something narrow or from something in your life to nothing or to white focus. Basically, you are putting the focus around you or the space around you and it sounds weird or it sounds strange. The moment you are shifting your attention to something or the space around you, the brain starts to calm itself and it’s going from beta. Beta is a state of high stress of high, beta is just awareness. But like right now, I’m in bed and I’m explaining something to you. Then, it’s going to alpha and it is the state where we are imagining stuff or where we are daydreaming. Then, it is going to theta and it’s a highly suggestible state. It’s like you being in a hypnotic state and you are very suggestible to information.

Clint – Let me pause there, do you close your eyes?

Valentin – Yes, I close my eyes.

Clint – You close your eyes and you get into a very relaxed state. You probably kick off with some sort of calming breaths, deep breathing, and so forth.

Valentin – It’s a guided meditation and you follow the instructions.

Clint – You follow the instructions, okay. This sense of feeling around us and you’ve described it as going to a white space around you.

Valentin – We just close our eyes and put our attention on the space around our body or the space around our nose or around the walls. The empty space and the mind is going to slow down. At one point, you’re going to be in theta and he measured the people’s reaction in his meditation. He noticed that when you are in thetan, you can see your own electroencephalogram, and it’s basically everything. He did everything, he did all the scientific measures, and I know it worked for me.

Clint – Great. Let me not interrupt you again and you can go through the following steps.

Valentin – Then you have about 20 minutes where you try to think of nothing. You try to clear your mind and you try to go deep. You try to settle your body because at least in the beginning, your body is going to be really nervous. It is because you are doing something that is not familiar. Also, it is different and your body is craving the stress. Your body is also craving for your cell phone, mails, food, you wanting to go to the toilet or something like that. It’s a victory when you finally settle your body in that chair and you wait. In the beginning, it’s not easy and it will take. Since I gave myself 6 months, I didn’t want to give up. After 20 minutes of staying in that state, you feel your awareness and you feel like you are pure consciousness. Also, you feel you don’t feel your body anymore and you are detaching yourself from your body in this meditation. For example, when you are aware of something, but you completely forgot about yourself and you completely forgot about your problem. Also, you completely forgot your life and you are just nothing. You are aware of nothing and somehow that monkey mind at one point will shut up or it will not interfere. At that moment, you’re going to feel some energy in you and you’re going to feel something. In the beginning, I didn’t feel anything and I just do it because I wanted to do it.

Valentin – Then you go to the third step and here is the part that I love the most. Dr. Dispenza will guide you to change to belief or perception about you. By now, you are in a tighter state and you are in a hypnotic state. For me, my first choice was to change the belief that I was seeking help. How do you do this? Basically, you recognize your state and you recognize your emotion. Then, you let them go because they are not part of you anymore. Then you start feeling that you are already held, but not much feeling and feeling is the most important word. You start thinking about those emotions that you are having. Right now I am healthy and what I’m going to feel? I’m going to feel happiness, low for life, freedom, and wholeness. In time, this emotion builds so much that you’re going to feel them in your heart. You can imagine and you can think about it, how you’re going to act once you are healthy? How are you going to feel or how are going to behave with others? How are you going to change? How are we going to react when you are healthy? Then after that, you are grateful even if the healing didn’t happen. Yet, you are grateful that you are here, and the brain doesn’t know the difference between what we think and what is reality. It’s just the way of the brain. For example, you imagine the specific food you want and you start salivating. I could give you another example, but I would stay here. After a while, this feeling builds in you and you start getting out from that meditation or feeling like something changed you. For example, you really start feeling better. And Dr. Joe Dispenza is saying at the end, when you open your eyes, it’s important to feel that something changed in you. A little bit doesn’t have to be a lot, you have to move the needle a little bit. After two months, one day I come in the morning and my wife was looking at me. Then she said, can you give me that meditation tool? Then I asked, Why? Then she said, I’m looking at you and I don’t recognize you. You are not nervous because you are calm and your anxiety is gone or your depression is gone. Then I realize that I actually do feel better, but I was still having the pain. Then, I started reading about why my pain didn’t go away. I realized that I was feeling way better in my meditation, but when I came up from my meditation I still have those triggers. I still have those small stress and at that point I said to myself, I have to connect with that feeling of my new life. The feeling of joy, the feeling of love for life and to maintain it outside of my meditation. It was not only in my meditation and I started doing that. I start feeling so good with myself and I start loving myself and loving again my body. In which, I was kind of skinny and I’m still I’m now. I still start loving the way I am or just the way I am. From there, everything starts changing and your mind starts wiring new circuits with the new view. Then, the world circuits with all of you, and they got cut off or they got thrown away. Your body doesn’t have a chance and it needs to follow the mind. You reconditioned your body to a new mind and you are creating a new you.

Valentin – I become more fascinated with his work and I found a different meditation. At one point, I decided to go on a seven-day retreat. Basically, I was in Cancun in a five-star hotel, all-inclusive. Luckily, they have vegan food and we were meditating for seven days. We were like lecture, meditation, lecture, meditation, lecture, and meditation. Then one of those meditations, I didn’t yet experience. I felt a lot of energy and I think we are more energy than matter. It is coming up from my legs and going to my heart. The moment it reached my heart, it was in my brain. I felt or I had a mystical or transcendental experience and it was personal. I don’t want to talk about that, but the feeling that you feel is ecstasy or pure love or joy. It’s just crazy and everything is not coming from outside because everything is coming from inside you. Then, you realize that everything was there from the beginning.

Valentin – You are like that and we are like that from birth. It was such an amazing moment and such an amazing transformation, After that retreat, I came home and I was fine. I decided to meditate 3 times per day and for the next year. Now, I have 570 days of meditation every day. When I had that experience, my brain is recording the memory, but it’s not only stirring information. Then, most of the memories are emotional. When you are having a trauma, the brain takes that snapshot. For example you are at a doctor and the doctor said, you have 10 days and you’re going to die. Those emotions are so strong that the brain gets a snapshot like a picture and that is your memory. Then, every time that you are thinking about it you are reliving the same emotion. You triggered the same thoughts and you triggered the same response from your body or the same hormones, but now I had a different snapshot. Now is happiness now, or I was whole, or I was in love with me. I was in love with life and my brain. Then, that emotion was higher than the emotion that caused me to be sick and it was bigger than the trauma. Somehow, the brain prioritized this over the other one and you are getting back to health. It’s very important to have gratitude for everything. It is because when you feel gratitude and you express it. There is some research that we have in our body a rain of 1200 chemicals. Then, all of them regulate health and not disease, and it’s very important. The feeling even before the event happened and you are caught in that moment. You believe so much in yourself that you do not care anymore if you are healthy or not. It is because you are happy and you are in love with yourself. All those emotions that you feel during your meditation, they trigger in you a response like all the emotion that translates into chemicals or hormones. Those hormones they’re going to regulate your genes and they’re going to repair your body. I know there are people who feel in an instant doing one of these moments and not from any kind of condition or from the worst possible conditions. Basically, we have in us something that makes us capable of healing ourselves. When I had that experience, I feel that I had a connection with something bigger than me and I don’t know how to name it. I have no idea, but it doesn’t matter. I felt that I’m not alone in this and I felt that I’m part of something bigger. It is just we are not alone and we are not truly alone.

Clint – When you had that experience, and I know to protect your privacy of that experience. But for those people who want to imagine the potential of having an experience like that. Did you at any moment feel the sense of or did the common conscious brain say to you, what’s happening here? Or were you just completely in it?

Valentin – It started like energy that is rushing at your body. You are thinking that you’re going to have a heart attack. The heart is beating so fast, it’s moving so much energy, and that energy is hitting the brain. It’s something very familiar and unfamiliar, and I don’t know how to explain it.

Clint – Sure, thank you.

Valentin – I was feeling safe all the time and it was nothing. I mean, it was pure love in that level of love that I’ve never experienced in my life. It is more than love for your child, it’s more than anything else and there are no words for it. One more thing when we are stressed, you can imagine your body and every system in your body was singing to an instrument and the heart is the conductor. But when you are under stress, each system sings a different song and it’s not music, but rather it is just noise. In meditation, you feel your heart going incoherent and this could be measured. There was research done by the California Heart Institute. and they have short meditation just to put your heart incoherent. It’s a level of order, a level of energy, it’s a feeling, and that order is going to the brain. When it hits the brain, you are going in gamma and it’s a different state. Also, it’s a very orderly state and it’s high frequency. Gamma is like having a super-consciousness or you are in a creative state and It’s pure bliss, which happened to me. When the heart becomes coherent, everything becomes coherent. When the brain becomes coherent, the brain starts regulating stuff. You’re going to the immune system regulating the digestive system or regulating absolutely everything. I don’t know and I feel lucky that I discover you. Also, I feel lucky that I discovered this stuff about meditation or about Dr. Joe Dispenza because it gave me happiness. Now, I’m not reacting anymore to anything and I’m just driving. If somebody is cutting me in my lane, I’m fine because I was there once. Now, I know how that person feels and I’m not there anymore. It just brings you more peace in your life and more holiness. I noticed that now I have a lot of patience with my son and you know how kids are. I don’t react and I try to understand his view. Basically, every night I was used to go through my day and find that trigger. I find that moment when I was disconnected to my future life. Then, I would start to imagine, how long will do it next time? I just practice it in my mind if I have a second chance and would how I react? I just practice this day after and somehow now I am a new person.

Clint – So that technique you’ve described would be similar to a baseball coach watching the replay of the game. Then, the coach is saying to the catcher, for instance, when the ball’s thrown like that next time, try this. Then, there’s this process of continual improvement upon watching the replay of the day in your mind. When you do that calmly without judgment and when you’re faced with that similar scenario the following day or following week, then you are not as reactionary and you’re able to apply that change. Therefore, you would get a better outcome. Would you say that with what you’ve just shared with us today, there’s a part of you that deeply believes that getting a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis has been a positive thing in your life?

Valentin – I was eating meat three times per day and I was overweight. Also, I had a lot of problems with cholesterol. I mean, I was happy with my wife and I was happy with my kid. However, I wasn’t happy with myself and I didn’t love myself. Now, because of everything that happened in my life, I’m a new me and I know it’s a better me. I’m sure about that and I’m still improving. I’m still doing my meditation and I’m still trying to find ways to get better of this. Yes, if I will be to start all over again, I will do the same thing. It’s just amazing and I cannot believe I’m saying that. It’s very rewarding and it’s calming you so much. Also, there is so much love with you for everything else. It’s just great and I learned all these things from Dr. Dispenza’s books and workshops, and now it’s part of me.

Clint – Is there one particular 47 minute meditation that you would send people? In which, who are very curious about trying this? Let’s not even use the word trying because we know that it works.

Valentin – I think he has a health collection and any of those meditations will do it. It has like changing belief in perception. He has a meditation for breaking the habit of being yourself. This one that I did was you are the placebo. and this stuff works.

Clint – Wonderful. It’s been fabulous to sit and listen to you. Also, thinking that this is my job to sit and listen to wisdom and insights from people like yourself. Also, learning from what you’ve been through and being able to extract the information from you that can be so helpful to me and to other people. It’s just such a pleasure. We didn’t say at the start and for those people who are still with us and watching right to the end, I thank you. But Valentine is actually a psychologist, and you’ve probably picked up for his ability to eloquently explain difficult concepts. However, he’s not practicing in that area of expertise at the moment. It was his education and past life, I guess you say. It helps to add some validity also to the way you’ve helped explain this to us.

Clint – Thank you very much. As I said, this has been a pleasure. Thank you for being part of our online support group. I want to extend a complimentary pass for you so that you can be there in case some other people have questions about you. Also, be able to maybe want to drop you a line and ask you something if you would accept that.

Valentin – Sure. Yes, I would love to help other people because I know the pain and I know to suffer. There is an escape from that and there is hope. We just need to do something to move the needle. In which that needle moves with diet and smoothie. Exercise works, going to the sauna works, and Bikram yoga works and it’s very good. You can add meditation just to calm your mind and give you a chance to heal. It’s an important component of the healing to just quiet your mind.

Clint – Thank you.

Clint Paddison

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