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- whatever else you like!

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The Health Benefits Of Laughter With Mark McConville

We discuss in this interview: – The amount of stress people with a chronic illness have to face – Mental health and how it is different for each one – How Mark went from stand-up comedy to studying suicide prevention – The right mindset to approach studying as an adult – How humor can help […]

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A Deep Dive Into Bikram Yoga with B-Fire

We discuss in this podcast: How B-Fire went on to open the largest Bikram Yoga studio in Canada The benefits he has witnessed with students of any age and condition in 20 years of experience The connection between physical and mental health The Bikram sequence and its effectiveness Standing deep breathing The importance of consistency […]

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RA Strategies – Mental Health And Motivation

We discuss in this podcast: Changing the inner voice that often holds us back Strategies to prevent negative thoughts and mental loops Managing stress and identifying its sources Meditation for acceptance and freedom Approaching doctors the right way and appreciating their role Becoming the CEO of our mental health Clint Clint here with my special […]

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